Eardatek EDM-01AA-EU Dimmer

Eardatek EDM-01AA-EU

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Wi-Fi Module:

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by blakadder

Has an Eardatek EWN-89710BNN module based on RTL8710BN. Also sold under Zemismart and Girier brands.

The RTL module can be replaced by an ESP8266 one but there are none (afaik) that are pin compatible. Since you only need 2 GPIO’s and power and the space is tight use a very small module (for example an ESP-M3)

This is the pinout discovered with a multimeter and some trial and error for RX and TX pins.

Once Tasmota is flashed set Module 54

Then issue:

Backlog so97 1; TuyaMCU 21,2; DimmerRange 1,1000

Use dpid4 to set connected light type using TuyaSend4:

  • 0 = led
  • 1 = incandescent
  • 2 = halogen

Dpid3 sets minimum brightness threshold on a scale of 10-1000.