Development Boards and Wi-Fi Modules

Adapter Board

3DStar ESP-OpenTherm v1.1 3DStar ESP-OpenTherm v1.1 Adapter Board GLOBAL
KinCony Ethernet IO Expansion Board KinCony Ethernet IO Expansion Board Adapter Board KC868-AM GLOBAL
WifInfo - Teleinfo Server WifInfo - Teleinfo Server Adapter Board FR
ZiGate-Ethernet ZiGate-Ethernet Adapter Board GLOBAL


Ai-Thinker Ai-Thinker Camera ESP32-CAM GLOBAL
Espressif ESP32-S3-EYE Espressif ESP32-S3-EYE Camera ESP32-S3-EYE GLOBAL
Freenove ESP32-WROVER.DEV Freenove ESP32-WROVER.DEV Camera FNK0060 GLOBAL
M5Stack ESP32CAM Camera Module OV2640 M5Stack ESP32CAM Camera Module OV2640 Camera U007 GLOBAL
M5Stack PSRAM Timer Camera (OV3660) M5Stack PSRAM Timer Camera (OV3660) Camera U082 GLOBAL
OV5640 ESP32 OV5640 ESP32 Camera OV5640 V1_2 GLOBAL
Wireles Tag Camera Wireles Tag Camera Camera WT-ESP32-CAM GLOBAL

Development Board

01space 5x5 WS2812B 01space 5x5 WS2812B Development Board ESP32-C3-RGB GLOBAL
Adafruit ESP32 Feather V2 Adafruit ESP32 Feather V2 Development Board 5400 GLOBAL
Adafruit ESP32-S2 Feather Adafruit ESP32-S2 Feather Development Board 5303 GLOBAL
Adafruit ESP32-S2 TFT Feather Adafruit ESP32-S2 TFT Feather Development Board 5300 GLOBAL
Adafruit ESP32-S3 Feather Adafruit ESP32-S3 Feather Development Board 5323 GLOBAL
Adafruit Funhouse Home Automation Adafruit Funhouse Home Automation Development Board 4985 GLOBAL
Adafruit HUZZAH ESP8266 Adafruit HUZZAH ESP8266 Development Board 2471 GLOBAL
Adafruit HUZZAH32 ESP32 Feather Adafruit HUZZAH32 ESP32 Feather Development Board 3405 GLOBAL
Adafruit QT Py ESP32 Pico Adafruit QT Py ESP32 Pico Development Board 5395 GLOBAL
Adafruit QT Py ESP32-C3 Adafruit QT Py ESP32-C3 Development Board 5405 GLOBAL
Adafruit QT Py ESP32-S2 Adafruit QT Py ESP32-S2 Development Board 5325 GLOBAL
AI-C3 ESP32-C3 AI-C3 ESP32-C3 Development Board AI-C3 GLOBAL
Ai-Thinker ESP32-C3 Ai-Thinker ESP32-C3 Development Board ESP-C3-01M-Kit GLOBAL
Ai-Thinker ESP32-C3-12F (C3FN4) Ai-Thinker ESP32-C3-12F (C3FN4) Development Board ESP-C3-13-Kit GLOBAL
Ai-Thinker ESP32-S2F NodeMCU Ai-Thinker ESP32-S2F NodeMCU Development Board ESP-12H-Kit GLOBAL
AZ-Envy Environmental Sensor AZ-Envy Environmental Sensor Development Board GLOBAL
Coiaca Tasmota Coiaca Tasmota Development Board AWR01 GLOBAL
Coiaca Tasmota Development Board AWR12 Coiaca Tasmota Development Board AWR12 Development Board AWR12 GLOBAL
Dasduino CONNECT Dasduino CONNECT Development Board 333032 GLOBAL
Dasduino CONNECTPLUS Dasduino CONNECTPLUS Development Board 333034 GLOBAL
DFRobot Beetle ESP32-C3 DFRobot Beetle ESP32-C3 Development Board DFR0868 GLOBAL
ESP8684 ESP32-C2 Devkit Mini ESP8684 ESP32-C2 Devkit Mini Development Board ESP32-C2 DEVKIT GLOBAL
Espoir Rev 1.0.0 PoE+ Espoir Rev 1.0.0 PoE+ Development Board GLOBAL
Espressif ESP32-S2-DevKitM-1 Espressif ESP32-S2-DevKitM-1 Development Board ESP32-S2-DevKitM-1 GLOBAL
Espressif ESP32-S3-DevKitC-1 Espressif ESP32-S3-DevKitC-1 Development Board ESP32-S3-DevKitC-1 GLOBAL
Espressif ESP32-S3-DevKitM-1 Espressif ESP32-S3-DevKitM-1 Development Board ESP32-S3-DevKitM-1 GLOBAL
Heltec WiFi LoRa 32 (V3) Heltec WiFi LoRa 32 (V3) Development Board HTIT-WB32LA_V3 GLOBAL
KinCony 128 Channel Controller KinCony 128 Channel Controller Development Board KC868-A128 GLOBAL
KinCony 64 Channel Controller KinCony 64 Channel Controller Development Board KC868-A64 GLOBAL
LC Technology MicroPython Maker LC Technology MicroPython Maker Development Board MicroPython_ESP8266 GLOBAL
LilyGO RGB LED Ring Encoder LilyGO RGB LED Ring Encoder Development Board T-Encoder GLOBAL
LilyGO T-OI Plus v1.2 ESP32-C3 LilyGO T-OI Plus v1.2 ESP32-C3 Development Board T-OI_Plus GLOBAL
LilyGO T7 Mini32 V1.5 LilyGO T7 Mini32 V1.5 Development Board GLOBAL
LilyGO TTGO ESP32 Ethernet LilyGO TTGO ESP32 Ethernet Development Board T-Internet-POE GLOBAL
LuatOS ESP32-C3 LuatOS ESP32-C3 Development Board CORE-ESP32 GLOBAL
M5Stack Atom Lite ESP32 M5Stack Atom Lite ESP32 Development Board C008 GLOBAL
M5Stack AtomS3 Lite ESP32 M5Stack AtomS3 Lite ESP32 Development Board C124 GLOBAL
M5Stack AtomU USB-A ESP32 M5Stack AtomU USB-A ESP32 Development Board K051 GLOBAL
Mostly Robots Wemos D1 4 Channel MOSFET Shield Mostly Robots Wemos D1 4 Channel MOSFET Shield Development Board GLOBAL
NodeMcu ESP32-C2 ESP8684 NodeMcu ESP32-C2 ESP8684 Development Board NodeMcu-ESP32-C2 GLOBAL
Olimex ESP32-POE Ethernet Olimex ESP32-POE Ethernet Development Board ESP32-POE GLOBAL
QuinLED 2 Channel QuinLED 2 Channel Development Board QuinLED-OG GLOBAL
S2 Mini V1.0.0 S2 Mini V1.0.0 Development Board 5325 GLOBAL
Seeed Studio XIAO ESP32C3 Seeed Studio XIAO ESP32C3 Development Board XIAO-ESP32-C3 GLOBAL
Seeed Studio XIAO ESP32S3 Seeed Studio XIAO ESP32S3 Development Board XIAO-ESP32-S3 GLOBAL
Silicognition wESP32 Silicognition wESP32 Development Board GLOBAL
SuperMini ESP32-C3 SuperMini ESP32-C3 Development Board SuperMini-ESP32-C3 GLOBAL
TZT ESP8266 Weather Station Kit TZT ESP8266 Weather Station Kit Development Board GLOBAL
Unexpected Maker FeatherS3 Unexpected Maker FeatherS3 Development Board FeatherS3 GLOBAL
Unexpected Maker TinyS2 ESP32-S2 Unexpected Maker TinyS2 ESP32-S2 Development Board TinyS2 GLOBAL
Unexpected Maker TinyS3 ESP32-S3 Unexpected Maker TinyS3 ESP32-S3 Development Board TinyS3 GLOBAL
WeAct Studio ESP32-C3 Core WeAct Studio ESP32-C3 Core Development Board ESP32-C3FH4 GLOBAL
WeAct Studio ESP32-C6-A WeAct Studio ESP32-C6-A Development Board ESP32-C6-A GLOBAL
WeAct Studio ESP32-S3-B Core WeAct Studio ESP32-S3-B Core Development Board ESP32-S3-B GLOBAL
Wemos D1 Mini ESP32 Wemos D1 Mini ESP32 Development Board GLOBAL
Wemos D1 R2 Wemos D1 R2 Development Board GLOBAL
Wemos LOLIN C3 PICO V1.0.0 (ESP32-C3) Wemos LOLIN C3 PICO V1.0.0 (ESP32-C3) Development Board GLOBAL
Wemos LOLIN32 Lite V1.0.0 (ESP32) Wemos LOLIN32 Lite V1.0.0 (ESP32) Development Board GLOBAL
Wireless Tag ESP32 Ethernet Wireless Tag ESP32 Ethernet Development Board WT32-ETH01 GLOBAL
Witty Cloud Witty Cloud Development Board GLOBAL
Yison ESP-01/ESP-202 Yison ESP-01/ESP-202 Development Board GLOBAL


01space SSD1306 01space SSD1306 Display ESP32-C3-0.42LCD GLOBAL
Adafruit MagTag 2.9 Adafruit MagTag 2.9" Grayscale E-Ink Display 4800 GLOBAL
Espressif ESP32-S3-BOX Espressif ESP32-S3-BOX Display ESP32-S3-BOX GLOBAL
Heltec WiFi Kit 32 Heltec WiFi Kit 32 Display GLOBAL
Heltec WiFi Kit 8 Heltec WiFi Kit 8 Display GLOBAL
LilyGO T-Display-S3 1.9in LilyGO T-Display-S3 1.9in Display T-Display-S3 GLOBAL
LilyGO T5 4.7 inch E-paper LilyGO T5 4.7 inch E-paper Display GLOBAL
LilyGo TTGO ESP32 LilyGo TTGO ESP32 Display T-Journal GLOBAL
LilyGO TTGO ESP8266 0.91 inch OLED SSD1306 LilyGO TTGO ESP8266 0.91 inch OLED SSD1306 Display TTGO-ESP8266-0.91-SSD1306 GLOBAL
LilyGO TTGO T-Camera LilyGO TTGO T-Camera Display T-Camera GLOBAL
LilyGO TTGO T-Display 1.14in LilyGO TTGO T-Display 1.14in Display T-Display GLOBAL
LilyGO TTGO T-Watcher LilyGO TTGO T-Watcher Display T4 v1.3 GLOBAL
LilyGO TTGO TO ESP8266 OLED SH1106 Weather Station LilyGO TTGO TO ESP8266 OLED SH1106 Weather Station Display ESP8266_OLED_SH1106 GLOBAL
Lolin TFT 2.4 Touch Shield Lolin TFT 2.4 Touch Shield Display TFT-2.4 v1.1.0 GLOBAL
M5Stack Core2 M5Stack Core2 Display K010 GLOBAL
M5Stack CoreS3 M5Stack CoreS3 Display K128 GLOBAL
M5Stack M5Stick M5Stack M5Stick Display K016 GLOBAL
M5Stack M5StickC M5Stack M5StickC Display K016-C GLOBAL
M5Stack Tough M5Stack Tough Display K034 GLOBAL
ODROID-GO Game Kit ODROID-GO Game Kit Display G152875062626 GLOBAL
OLED Display Module 0.66 OLED Display Module 0.66" for Wemos D1 Mini Display GLOBAL
Seeed Studio XIAO Expansion Seeed Studio XIAO Expansion Display XIAO-ESP32-C3 GLOBAL
Sunton 800x480 Sunton 800x480 Display ESP32-8048S050 GLOBAL
Wireless Tag 3.5 Wireless Tag 3.5" Touch Display WT32-SC01 GLOBAL


Ai-Thinker ESP32-C3 Ai-Thinker ESP32-C3 Module ESP-C3-01M GLOBAL
Ai-Thinker ESP32-C3F ESP-12 Compatible Ai-Thinker ESP32-C3F ESP-12 Compatible Module ESP-C3-12F GLOBAL
Ai-Thinker ESP32-S2F Ai-Thinker ESP32-S2F Module ESP-12H GLOBAL
DT-Light ESP8285 Lighting DT-Light ESP8285 Lighting Module DMP-L1 GLOBAL
ESP-01N V1.0 ESP-01N V1.0 Module WT-01N GLOBAL
ESP-02S TYWE2S Replacement ESP-02S TYWE2S Replacement Module ESP-02S GLOBAL
ESP-07 ESP-07 Module ESP-07 GLOBAL
ESP-12 ESP-12 Module ESP-12 GLOBAL
ESP32-C2 Tuya CBU Replacement ESP32-C2 Tuya CBU Replacement Module ESP8684-WROOM-06 GLOBAL
ESP32-C3 Tuya CBU Replacement ESP32-C3 Tuya CBU Replacement Module ESP8685-WROOM-06 GLOBAL
ESP32-C3-C05 ESP32-C3 4Mb ESP32-C3-C05 ESP32-C3 4Mb Module DT-ESP-C05 GLOBAL
ESP8266 5V UART Communication ESP8266 5V UART Communication Module ESP-WROOM-5V2L GLOBAL
ESP8684-WROOM-01C ESP32-C2 ESP-12 Compatible ESP8684-WROOM-01C ESP32-C2 ESP-12 Compatible Module ESP8684-WROOM-01C GLOBAL
ESP8684-WROOM-03 ESP32-C2 TYWE2S Replacement ESP8684-WROOM-03 ESP32-C2 TYWE2S Replacement Module ESP8684-WROOM-03 GLOBAL
ESP8684-WROOM-04C ESP32-C2 ESP-12 Compatible ESP8684-WROOM-04C ESP32-C2 ESP-12 Compatible Module ESP8684-WROOM-04C GLOBAL
ESP8684-WROOM-05 ESP32-C2 CB2L Replacement ESP8684-WROOM-05 ESP32-C2 CB2L Replacement Module ESP8684-WROOM-05 GLOBAL
ESP8684-WROOM-07 ESP32-C2 CBLC5 Replacement ESP8684-WROOM-07 ESP32-C2 CBLC5 Replacement Module ESP8684-WROOM-07 GLOBAL
ESP8685-WROOM-01 ESP32-C3 ESP-12 Compatible ESP8685-WROOM-01 ESP32-C3 ESP-12 Compatible Module ESP8685-WROOM-01 GLOBAL
ESP8685-WROOM-03 ESP32-C3 TYWE2S Replacement ESP8685-WROOM-03 ESP32-C3 TYWE2S Replacement Module ESP8685-WROOM-03 GLOBAL
ESP8685-WROOM-04 ESP32-C3 ESP-12 Compatible ESP8685-WROOM-04 ESP32-C3 ESP-12 Compatible Module ESP8685-WROOM-04 GLOBAL
ESP8685-WROOM-05 ESP32-C3 CB2L Replacement ESP8685-WROOM-05 ESP32-C3 CB2L Replacement Module ESP8685-WROOM-05 GLOBAL
ESP8685-WROOM-07 ESP23-C3 CBLC5 Replacement ESP8685-WROOM-07 ESP23-C3 CBLC5 Replacement Module ESP8685-WROOM-07 GLOBAL
ESPC2-12 ESP32-C2 ESPC2-12 ESP32-C2 Module ESPC2-12 GLOBAL
LC Technology PSF-B04 Ewelink 4 Channel Switch LC Technology PSF-B04 Ewelink 4 Channel Switch Module LC-EWL-B04-MB GLOBAL
LilyGo TTGO ESP32-C3 ESP-01 Replacement LilyGo TTGO ESP32-C3 ESP-01 Replacement Module T-01C3 GLOBAL
M5Stack M5Stamp C3 M5Stack M5Stamp C3 Module K056 GLOBAL
M5Stack M5Stamp C3U M5Stack M5Stamp C3U Module K122 GLOBAL
M5Stack M5Stamp Pico M5Stack M5Stamp Pico Module K051 GLOBAL
M5Stack M5StampS3 M5Stack M5StampS3 Module S007 GLOBAL
MTools 16 Channel ESP32 Relay Driver 5V DC MTools 16 Channel ESP32 Relay Driver 5V DC Module GLOBAL
PSF-B Series ESP8285 PSF-B Series ESP8285 Module PSF-B GLOBAL
Shelly Universal Input/Output Shelly Universal Input/Output Module UNI GLOBAL
Sinilink MODBUS Interface Sinilink MODBUS Interface Module XY-WFPOW GLOBAL
Wireless Tag ESP32-C2 ESP-12 Compatible Wireless Tag ESP32-C2 ESP-12 Compatible Module WT018684-S5 GLOBAL
Wireless Tag ESP32-C3 ESP-12 Compatible Wireless Tag ESP32-C3 ESP-12 Compatible Module WT32C3-S5 GLOBAL
Wireless Tag WT32C3-01N Wireless Tag WT32C3-01N Module WT32C3-01N GLOBAL

Relay Board

Lilygo T-Relay S3 Lilygo T-Relay S3 Relay Board T-RELAYS3 GLOBAL