US Devices

Aroma Diffuser

Asakuki 500ml Asakuki 500ml Aroma Diffuser

Ceiling Light

BAZZ 14 BAZZ 14" RGBCCT Ceiling Light WF19129W
SMRTLite LED Panel SMRTLite LED Panel Ceiling Light DS18901
Taloya 12 Taloya 12" 24W CCT Main and RGB Ambient Ceiling Light GA300-24W-AI-WEMG

Curtain Switch

Avatto SYS-CS01 Avatto SYS-CS01 Curtain Switch SYS-CS01
Zemismart Zemismart Curtain Switch WF-CS01


Vacplus 50 Pint Vacplus 50 Pint Dehumidifier


Acenx SD03 Acenx SD03 Dimmer FCC ID 2ANJ7-SD
CE Smart Home CE Smart Home Dimmer WF500D
CE Smart Home CFW500D-3W 3 Way CE Smart Home CFW500D-3W 3 Way Dimmer ZZH-CFW500D
CNSKOU Touch CNSKOU Touch Dimmer SK-W801T
Eva Logik Eva Logik Dimmer WF31
Eva Logik 3 Way Eva Logik 3 Way Dimmer WF31T
Feit Electric Smart Feit Electric Smart Dimmer DIM/WIFI
Gosund SW2 Gosund SW2 Dimmer
Martin Jerry SD01 Martin Jerry SD01 Dimmer MJ-SD01
Martin Jerry Single Pole Martin Jerry Single Pole Dimmer US-SD-KN01
Minoston 3-Way Minoston 3-Way Dimmer MS10W
Moes DS01-1 Moes DS01-1 Dimmer
PS-16-DZ PS-16-DZ Dimmer
Tessan MJ-SD02 Tessan MJ-SD02 Dimmer FCC ID 2ANJ7-SD01
TopGreener TGWF500D TopGreener TGWF500D Dimmer ZZH-WF500D
TreatLife DS01 TreatLife DS01 Dimmer
TreatLife DS02S TreatLife DS02S Dimmer
TreatLife Light and Fan TreatLife Light and Fan Dimmer DS03
WiFi Dimmer Switch WiFi Dimmer Switch Dimmer
Zemismart KS-7011 Zemismart KS-7011 Dimmer


Feit Electric 6in. RGBW Recessed Feit Electric 6in. RGBW Recessed Downlight LEDR6/RGBW/AG
Globe 5W 4 Globe 5W 4" Recessed RGBCCT Downlight 50078
Hyperikon 14W 1000lm 6 Hyperikon 14W 1000lm 6" Downlight HyperSmart-DL6
Philips 5/6 in. RGBCCT Philips 5/6 in. RGBCCT Downlight 046677555627
Seed Alarm 11W RGBW Seed Alarm 11W RGBW Downlight YMDFW DL6

Energy Meter

DIY ESP-01 and PZEM-004T DIY ESP-01 and PZEM-004T Energy Meter


Geek Aire 3D Oscillating Desktop Geek Aire 3D Oscillating Desktop Fan AF1S
Technical Pro Technical Pro Fan FXA16

Fan Controller

Sonoff iFan04-L 110V Light and Ceiling Sonoff iFan04-L 110V Light and Ceiling Fan Controller iFAN04-L

Fan Switch

Avatto Light and Avatto Light and Fan Switch SYS-FL01
Treatlife Ceiling Treatlife Ceiling Fan Switch DS02F

Garage Door Opener

Wofea Wofea Garage Door Opener WF-WG088

LED Controller

LEDEnet LEDEnet LED Controller

LED Strip

Energizer Multi-Color 6.5ft Energizer Multi-Color 6.5ft LED Strip EIS2-1001-RGB
Geeni Prisma Plus Geeni Prisma Plus LED Strip GN-EW005-999S
Gosund NiteBird 32.8ft RGB Gosund NiteBird 32.8ft RGB LED Strip SL3
HitLights L1012V-MC1 HitLights L1012V-MC1 LED Strip L1012V-MC1-1630-K-Echo
LE LampUX 16.4ft RGB LE LampUX 16.4ft RGB LED Strip 904103-RGB-F-US
LePower 32.8ft RGB LePower 32.8ft RGB LED Strip 007-SRL-5m-2Pack-WH-New2
Lohas ZN022 5m RGBW Lohas ZN022 5m RGBW LED Strip LH-Light Strip-RGBW
Lumary RGBCCT Lumary RGBCCT LED Strip
Maxonar Lightstrip Pro XS-SLD001 Maxonar Lightstrip Pro XS-SLD001 LED Strip XS-SLD001
Merkury Innovations MI-EW003-999W Merkury Innovations MI-EW003-999W LED Strip MI-EW003-999W
Monster Smart IlluminEssence Monster Smart IlluminEssence LED Strip
Reafoo RGBW 5m Reafoo RGBW 5m LED Strip S5028124810-IP65RGBW
Sonoff L1 Lite RGB Sonoff L1 Lite RGB LED Strip 692007577636279
Techvilla TE001 Techvilla TE001 LED Strip TE-TE001
Teckin SL07 32.8ft RGB Teckin SL07 32.8ft RGB LED Strip 2AQNX-SL07
Torchstar Safe Lighting Kit Torchstar Safe Lighting Kit LED Strip R1-ST1STPK-4P30-WF
WiZ 2m Starter Kit WiZ 2m Starter Kit LED Strip
Yeelight Lightstrip 1S Yeelight Lightstrip 1S LED Strip YLDD05YL
Zemismart 3m Extendable RGBW Zemismart 3m Extendable RGBW LED Strip ZM-DD246


BAZZ 4 in. RGB Recessed Fixture BAZZ 4 in. RGB Recessed Fixture Light SLMR4RGBWWFW
BAZZ 6 in. CCT Recessed Fixture BAZZ 6 in. CCT Recessed Fixture Light SLDSK6TNWWF
Novostella UT88835 20W Flood Novostella UT88835 20W Flood Light UT88835-RGBCW


Dual-Pump Automatic Watering System Dual-Pump Automatic Watering System WD-01ADE
Eufy RoboVac C30 Robot Vacuum Eufy RoboVac C30 Robot Vacuum

Outdoor Plug

Acenx SOP04-US Dual Acenx SOP04-US Dual Outdoor Plug
Aicliv 3 Outlet Aicliv 3 Outlet Outdoor Plug SOP03-US
Albohes PS-1602 Albohes PS-1602 Outdoor Plug
Amzdest Dual Amzdest Dual Power Monitoring Outdoor Plug C158
Amzdest IP55 Amzdest IP55 Power Monitoring Outdoor Plug C168
Aoycocr X13 Aoycocr X13 Outdoor Plug 2AKBP-X13
Atomi Atomi Power Monitoring Outdoor Plug AT1320
Blitzwolf 16A IP44 Dual Blitzwolf 16A IP44 Dual Outdoor Plug BW-SHP14
BN-Link BN-Link Outdoor Plug BNC-60/U130T
C137 IP55 C137 IP55 Power Monitoring Outdoor Plug
C168 IP64 C168 IP64 Outdoor Plug
ECF-SOP03 ECF-SOP03 Outdoor Plug
Ecoolbuy 4 Socket IP44 Ecoolbuy 4 Socket IP44 Outdoor Plug
Energizer 2AC Weather Resistant Energizer 2AC Weather Resistant Outdoor Plug EOX3-1001-BLK
Etekcity Etekcity Power Monitoring Outdoor Plug ES015-TB
Feit Electric PLUG/WIFI/WP Feit Electric PLUG/WIFI/WP Outdoor Plug PLUG/WIFI/WP
Forrinx IP44 Forrinx IP44 Outdoor Plug SH-18
Foxnovo IP44 Dual Foxnovo IP44 Dual Outdoor Plug SOP06-US
Geeni Outdoor DUO Dual Outlet Geeni Outdoor DUO Dual Outlet Outdoor Plug GN-OW102-103S
Globe 2-Outlet Globe 2-Outlet Outdoor Plug 50029
HA109US HA109US Outdoor Plug
HBN 6 Outlet Yard Stake HBN 6 Outlet Yard Stake Outdoor Plug BNC-60/U13WT
HBN Heavy Duty HBN Heavy Duty Outdoor Plug U151T
iClever IC-BS06 iClever IC-BS06 Outdoor Plug
Jackyled IP55 3AC Jackyled IP55 3AC Outdoor Plug
King-Link C128 King-Link C128 Outdoor Plug
Koolertron Koolertron Power Monitoring Outdoor Plug C168
Maxcio SOP02-US Maxcio SOP02-US Outdoor Plug
Merkury Merkury Outdoor Plug MI-OW101-101W
Merkury Merkury Outdoor Plug MI-OW101-300W
Minoston MP22W Minoston MP22W Outdoor Plug MP22W
Oittm Outdoor Oittm Outdoor Outdoor Plug
Peteme PS-1602 Peteme PS-1602 Outdoor Plug
Poweradd Poweradd Outdoor Plug
Prime Prime Outdoor Plug CCRCWFI02PK
Prime RCWFIO 2-Outlet Prime RCWFIO 2-Outlet Outdoor Plug RCWFIO
Prime Smart Outlet Prime Smart Outlet Outdoor Plug CCWFIO232PK
SK03 SK03 Power Monitoring Outdoor Plug
STITCH STITCH Outdoor Plug 35556
Teckin SS31 Teckin SS31 Outdoor Plug
Teckin SS33 Teckin SS33 Outdoor Plug FCC ID 2AQNX-SS33
Top-Max PS-1602 Top-Max PS-1602 Outdoor Plug
Torchstar LITEdge 2-in-1 Torchstar LITEdge 2-in-1 Outdoor Plug R1-SY8SPL-WIFI-BLK
Treatlife Dimmer Treatlife Dimmer Outdoor Plug DP10
WiOn Yard Stake WiOn Yard Stake Outdoor Plug 50053
Wyze Wyze Outdoor Plug WLPPO1


3Stone Mini 3Stone Mini Plug
Ablue WP1 Ablue WP1 Plug
Amped Wireless Amped Wireless Plug AWP48W
Amysen JSM-WF02 Amysen JSM-WF02 Plug 2AOT8JSM-WF02
Amysen YX-WS01 Amysen YX-WS01 Plug
ANBES ABS-CZ004 ANBES ABS-CZ004 Power Monitoring Plug
Anncoe C318 Anncoe C318 Power Monitoring Plug C318
Aoycocr Aoycocr Power Monitoring Plug X10S
Aoycocr X5P Aoycocr X5P Plug
Aoycocr X6 Aoycocr X6 Plug
Aquiv S1 Aquiv S1 Plug WF-PLUG-1A
Athom 16A US Athom 16A US Power Monitoring Plug PG03-US16A
Atomi AT1217 Atomi AT1217 Plug
Aukey SH-PA1 Aukey SH-PA1 Plug
Aukey SH-PA3 Aukey SH-PA3 Plug
Avatar AWP01L Avatar AWP01L Plug
Avatar AWP02L-N Avatar AWP02L-N Plug
Avatar AWP03L Avatar AWP03L Plug
Avatar AWP04L Avatar AWP04L Power Monitoring Plug
Avatar AWP12L Capsule 2-in-1 Avatar AWP12L Capsule 2-in-1 Power Monitoring Plug AWP12L
Awow X5P Awow X5P Plug X0028J2HA3
AzpenHome Smart AzpenHome Smart Plug
Bakibo Mini Bakibo Mini Power Monitoring Plug SM300
Bestek MRJ1011 Bestek MRJ1011 Plug
BlitzWolf 1200W Dual BlitzWolf 1200W Dual Power Monitoring Plug BW-SHP3
BlitzWolf BW-SHP3 alt BlitzWolf BW-SHP3 alt Power Monitoring Plug
BlitzWolf SHP1 BlitzWolf SHP1 Plug BW-SHP1
BN-Link BN-Link Power Monitoring Plug BNC-60/U133TJ
Bright Bright Plug 741235077565
BSD01 BSD01 Plug BSD01
BSD13 BSD13 Plug
BSD15 BSD15 Plug
Bytech Bytech Plug BP-OP-SC-100-WT
CE Smart Home CE Smart Home Power Monitoring Plug LA-WF7
CE Smart Home LA-WF3 CE Smart Home LA-WF3 Plug 2AMQ8-WIFI-004
Cloudfree Runs Tasmota Cloudfree Runs Tasmota Plug Cloudfree_1
CloudFree Smart Plug 2 CloudFree Smart Plug 2 Power Monitoring Plug P2
Conico SM-PW70 Conico SM-PW70 Plug
CooWoo CooWoo Plug AW01
CrazyLynX WiFi CrazyLynX WiFi Plug
Dilisens NX-SP201 Mini 2 in 1 Dilisens NX-SP201 Mini 2 in 1 Power Monitoring Plug NX-SP201
DILISENS SP201 DILISENS SP201 Power Monitoring Plug
DWFeng AWP02L-N DWFeng AWP02L-N Plug
DWFeng BSD01 DWFeng BSD01 Plug 2APB9-BSD01
ECO Plugs CT-065W ECO Plugs CT-065W Plug
eco4life DPS1101S eco4life DPS1101S Plug
EFUN SH331W EFUN SH331W Power Monitoring Plug
EletecPro 2 EletecPro 2 Plug
Emporia Emporia Power Monitoring Plug EMS01
Emporia 15A Emporia 15A Power Monitoring Plug EMS02
Energizer Energizer Power Monitoring Plug EIE3-1001-WHT
Energizer Smart Plug Energizer Smart Plug Plug EIX3-1002-WHT
Epicka Epicka Plug
Esicoo JSM-WF02 Esicoo JSM-WF02 Plug FCC ID 2AOT8JSM-WF02
Etekcity ESW01-USA Etekcity ESW01-USA Power Monitoring Plug
Etekcity ESW15-USA Etekcity ESW15-USA Power Monitoring Plug ESW15-USA
Eva Logik Eva Logik Plug NWF001
EZPlug V1 OpenSource EZPlug V1 OpenSource Plug
EZPlug+ V1 EZPlug+ V1 Power Monitoring Plug
Feit Electric PLUG/WIFI Feit Electric PLUG/WIFI Plug PLUG/WIFI
FK-PW901U FK-PW901U Plug
Foreet Foreet Plug 102-003
FrankEver Mini FrankEver Mini Plug FK-PW801US
Frankever USB Frankever USB Plug FK-PW301U
GDTech GDTech Plug MPV2RO-US
GDTech W-US001 GDTech W-US001 Plug
GDTech W-US003 GDTech W-US003 Plug
Geekbes YM-WS-1 Geekbes YM-WS-1 Plug 2ALRJYM-WS-1
Geeni OUTDOOR Geeni OUTDOOR Plug GN-OW101-101S
Geeni Spot Geeni Spot Plug GN-WW104-199
Geeni Spot Glo Geeni Spot Glo Plug GN-WW108-199
Geeni SWITCH Geeni SWITCH Plug GN-WW105-199S
Geeni Switch Duo Geeni Switch Duo Plug GN-WW110-199
Globe 2 Outlet Globe 2 Outlet Plug 50020
Globe Smart Globe Smart Plug
GoldenDot Mini GoldenDot Mini Plug
GoldenDot with ADC GoldenDot with ADC Plug W-US003
Gosund 2 in 1 Gosund 2 in 1 Power Monitoring Plug WP2
Gosund WP1 Gosund WP1 Power Monitoring Plug
Gosund WP2 Gosund WP2 Plug
Gosund WP211 Gosund WP211 Plug
Gosund WP212 Gosund WP212 Plug
Gosund WP3 Gosund WP3 Plug
Gosund WP5 Gosund WP5 Plug
Gosund WP6 Gosund WP6 Plug
GSP1311 Series GSP1311 Series Power Monitoring Plug 2AON6-GSP1311
Gyman SM-PW701U Gyman SM-PW701U Plug
HBN BNC-60/U152T HBN BNC-60/U152T Plug BNC-60/U152T
Heygo 02 Heygo 02 Plug HY02
hiwild W-US002 hiwild W-US002 Plug
HS108 HS108 Plug
HS108A HS108A Plug
Hyleton 312 Hyleton 312 Plug
Hyleton HLT-311 Hyleton HLT-311 Plug 2AOHT-HYLETON-311
iClever IC-BS08 iClever IC-BS08 Plug ECF-SWP02-001
Insmart WP5 Insmart WP5 Plug
Jeeo TF-SH330 Jeeo TF-SH330 Plug
Jeeo TF-SH331W Jeeo TF-SH331W Power Monitoring Plug
Jetstream MSP150 Jetstream MSP150 Power Monitoring Plug MSP150
JH-G01U JH-G01U Plug
Jinli XS-SSA01 Jinli XS-SSA01 Plug
Jinvoo SM-PW701U Jinvoo SM-PW701U Plug
Jinvoo SM-PW712UA 10A Jinvoo SM-PW712UA 10A Plug SM-PW712UA
Jinvoo SM-PW762U Jinvoo SM-PW762U Plug
Kaforto KW-US-801 Kaforto KW-US-801 Power Monitoring Plug 2ATPP-US801
Kauf esphome Kauf esphome Power Monitoring Plug PLF10
Kimire S12 Kimire S12 Plug
King-Link KL-US-WF002 King-Link KL-US-WF002 Plug
Kisslink SP200 Kisslink SP200 Plug
KMC 30137 KMC 30137 Power Monitoring Plug
KMC 4AC KMC 4AC Power Monitoring Plug 30606
KMC 70011 KMC 70011 Power Monitoring Plug
Koogeek KLWP1 Koogeek KLWP1 Power Monitoring Plug KLWP1
KULED K63 KULED K63 Plug 2ajtrg01u
LE LampUX Smart Socket LE LampUX Smart Socket Plug 905001-US
LESHP KS-501 LESHP KS-501 Plug
Lloyd's Lloyd's Plug LC-1193
Lohas Nightlight + USB Lohas Nightlight + USB Plug ZN049
Lumiman LM650 Lumiman LM650 Plug
Martin Jerry V01 Martin Jerry V01 Plug 2ANJ7-V05
Martin Jerry XS-SSA01 Martin Jerry XS-SSA01 Plug
Maxcio W-US002S Maxcio W-US002S Power Monitoring Plug
Maxcio W-US003 Maxcio W-US003 Plug
MaxKare XKJJ-0218 MaxKare XKJJ-0218 Power Monitoring Plug
Merkury Innovations 4 Outlets Merkury Innovations 4 Outlets Plug MI-WW119-199W
Merkury MI-WW101-199 Merkury MI-WW101-199 Plug
Merkury MI-WW102-199L Merkury MI-WW102-199L Plug
Merkury MI-WW105-199W Merkury MI-WW105-199W Plug
Mini Mini Plug S03
MoKo 2 USB MoKo 2 USB Plug YX-WS02
MoKo YX-WS01A MoKo YX-WS01A Plug YX-WS01A
MXQ LED Nightlight MXQ LED Nightlight Plug SP06
Naxa NSH-1000 Naxa NSH-1000 Plug FCC ID 2ANQH-WP1
Nightlight and AC Outlet Nightlight and AC Outlet Plug SWN03
Oittm Smart Oittm Smart Plug
Orbecco W-US009 Orbecco W-US009 Plug W-US009
Orvibo B25 Orvibo B25 Plug
Oukitel P1 Oukitel P1 Plug
Oukitel X6P Oukitel X6P Plug
Oxaoxe NX-SM800 Oxaoxe NX-SM800 Power Monitoring Plug
PowerAdd BIE0091 PowerAdd BIE0091 Plug BIE0091
Powrui 3-Outlet with 4 USB Powrui 3-Outlet with 4 USB Plug AHR-077
Powrui AW-08 Powrui AW-08 Plug
Premier PWIFPLG Premier PWIFPLG Plug
Prime RCWFII11 Prime RCWFII11 Plug 2AMV5-SK517-W
PrimeCables Cab-LA-WF4 PrimeCables Cab-LA-WF4 Plug Cab-LA-WF4
RenPho RF-SM004 RenPho RF-SM004 Plug
RSH-WS005 RSH-WS005 Power Monitoring Plug 2AOUMRSH-WS005
SA-001 SA-001 Power Monitoring Plug SA-001
Shelly Plug US Shelly Plug US Power Monitoring Plug
SimpleHome SimpleHome Plug XWS7-1001-WHT
SimpleHome 2 USB SimpleHome 2 USB Power Monitoring Plug XWS7-1002-WHT
Slitinto NX-SP201 Mini 2 in 1 Slitinto NX-SP201 Mini 2 in 1 Power Monitoring Plug FCC ID 2A0PH-NX-SP201
Smart 15A Smart 15A Plug JH-G09U
Sonoff S20 Sonoff S20 Plug
Sonoff S26 Sonoff S26 Plug
Sonoff S26 R2 Sonoff S26 R2 Plug S26R2
Sonoff S31 Sonoff S31 Power Monitoring Plug
Sonoff S31 Lite Sonoff S31 Lite Plug
SP201 Dual SP201 Dual Power Monitoring Plug
SS01 SS01 Plug
Steren Steren Plug SHOME-100
Steren Steren Power Monitoring Plug SHOME-135
STITCH STITCH Power Monitoring Plug 27937
STITCH STITCH Power Monitoring Plug 35511
STITCH 15A In-Line STITCH 15A In-Line Power Monitoring Plug 39047
STITCH Mini 10A STITCH Mini 10A Plug 41730
SuperNight Dual SuperNight Dual Power Monitoring Plug
SWA1 SWA1 Plug
SWA5 SWA5 Plug
TanTan WP2 TanTan WP2 Power Monitoring Plug WP2
TanTan WP3 TanTan WP3 Plug
Teckin SP10 Teckin SP10 Plug
Teckin SP20 Teckin SP20 Power Monitoring Plug
Teckin SP25 Teckin SP25 Plug
TikLok TL650 TikLok TL650 Plug TL650-1P-US-2
TomaxUSA TomaxUSA Plug HKWL-SO07W
TopGreener TopGreener Power Monitoring Plug TGWF115PRM
TopGreener 10A TopGreener 10A Power Monitoring Plug TGWF115PQM
TopGreener TGWF115APM TopGreener TGWF115APM Power Monitoring Plug
Torchstar LITEdge Smart Torchstar LITEdge Smart Plug R3-SY4SPL-WIFI-WHT-3P
TOVA Dual TOVA Dual Power Monitoring Plug TO-PLUG-DUAL
TP20 TP20 Plug
Treatlife Dimmable Treatlife Dimmable Plug DP20
Upstone Upstone Plug 43237-2
US212 US212 Power Monitoring Plug US212
Vaupan X6P Vaupan X6P Plug
Vettora Smart Plug Vettora Smart Plug Plug T10AL250V
Vivitar Vivitar Plug HA-1003-PDQ-MEN
Vivitar HA-1006 Vivitar HA-1006 Plug HA-1006
WAGA life CHCZ02MB WAGA life CHCZ02MB Power Monitoring Plug
WiOn WiOn Plug 50055
Wisdom ZY_ACU02 Wisdom ZY_ACU02 Plug
WP211 WP211 Plug
WP5 WP5 Plug
Wsiiroon Wsiiroon Plug
Wyze Wyze Plug WLPP1
Wyze Wyze Plug WLPP1CFH
Xenon Xenon Plug SM-PW702-U
XS-A23 XS-A23 Power Monitoring Plug
XS-SSA01 XS-SSA01 Plug
XS-SSA01 v2 XS-SSA01 v2 Plug
XS-SSA05 XS-SSA05 Power Monitoring Plug
XS-SSA06 XS-SSA06 Plug
YERON US101 YERON US101 Power Monitoring Plug
YM-WS-1 Mini YM-WS-1 Mini Plug 2ALRJYM-WS-1
YM-WS-3 16A YM-WS-3 16A Plug 2ALRJYM-WS-3
YX-WS02 YX-WS02 Plug
ZettaGuard ZettaGuard Plug S25
Zhilde Dual USB Zhilde Dual USB Plug ZLD-12USA-W
ZooZee SA101 ZooZee SA101 Plug
ZooZee SA102 ZooZee SA102 Power Monitoring Plug

Power Strip

Acenx 3AC+3USB Acenx 3AC+3USB Power Strip
AHRise 4+4AC+4USB AHRise 4+4AC+4USB Power Strip AHR-083
AHRise AHR-085 AHRise AHR-085 Power Strip AHR-085
Aicliv 4AC 3USB Aicliv 4AC 3USB Power Strip A4L-US
Ailink 4AC 4USB Ailink 4AC 4USB Power Strip ALSO301B
Annhome 3AC + 2USB Annhome 3AC + 2USB Power Strip
CE Smart Home CE Smart Home Power Strip LTS-6A-W5
CE Smart Home Garden Stake CE Smart Home Garden Stake Power Strip LH-7-1
Geeni Surge + Charge 2 USB Geeni Surge + Charge 2 USB Power Strip GN-SW023-199
Geeni SURGE 6-Outlet Surge Protector Geeni SURGE 6-Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip GN-SW003-199S
Geeni Surge Mini Geeni Surge Mini Power Strip GN-SW004-199
Globe 4 Outlet 2 USB Globe 4 Outlet 2 USB Power Strip 50077
Gosund P2 Gosund P2 Power Strip 2APUZ-P2
Gosund WP9 Gosund WP9 Power Strip WP9
Heyvalue 3AC+3USB Heyvalue 3AC+3USB Power Strip HLT-330
Heyvalue 4AC+4USB Heyvalue 4AC+4USB Power Strip HLT-331
Hyleton 330 Hyleton 330 Power Strip
Hyleton 331 Hyleton 331 Power Strip
KMC 5AC 3USB QC KMC 5AC 3USB QC Power Strip 43237
Larkkey 4AC 4USB Larkkey 4AC 4USB Power Strip
LeFun SK2 LeFun SK2 Power Strip
LITEdge Smart Power Strip LITEdge Smart Power Strip Power Strip SW1SPST-WIFI-SCE
Merkury Innovations SmartSurge Merkury Innovations SmartSurge Power Strip MI-SW001-199
Meross 4AC 4USB Meross 4AC 4USB Power Strip MSS425F
Meross MSS425 Meross MSS425 Power Strip
Powrui AHR-079 Powrui AHR-079 Power Strip
Powrui AHR-081 Powrui AHR-081 Power Strip AHR-081
Powrui AW-39 Powrui AW-39 Power Strip
STITCH 4 AC, 2 Always-On USB STITCH 4 AC, 2 Always-On USB Power Strip 34082
Surge Protector 3AC 2USB Surge Protector 3AC 2USB Power Strip C158
SWB1 SWB1 Power Strip
Teckin SS30 Teckin SS30 Power Strip
Tessan A4L-BK Tessan A4L-BK Power Strip
Tonbux SM-SO301-U Tonbux SM-SO301-U Power Strip 2AJ5F-SM-3O301
Vivitar HA-1007 Vivitar HA-1007 Power Strip
Wolf Armor 4AC 4USB Wolf Armor 4AC 4USB Power Strip SP26
WP40 WP40 Power Strip 2ALLU-WP40
Xenon SM-S0301 Xenon SM-S0301 Power Strip
Xenon SM-S0301-U Xenon SM-S0301-U Power Strip
Xenon SM-SO301 v2 Xenon SM-SO301 v2 Power Strip
XS-A34 XS-A34 Power Strip
Yagala Yagala Power Strip
Yagala Z1 Yagala Z1 Power Strip Z1
ZLD-44USA-W ZLD-44USA-W Power Strip

Socket Adapter

SmartBase E0260 SmartBase E0260 Socket Adapter


3 Way Smart Light 3 Way Smart Light Switch KS-602F
Aoycocr SW1 Aoycocr SW1 Switch
Athom 1 Gang Athom 1 Gang Switch SW031US
Athom 2 Gang Athom 2 Gang Switch SW032US
Athom 3 Gang Touch Athom 3 Gang Touch Switch SW03-TAS-3US
Athom 4 Gang Touch Athom 4 Gang Touch Switch SW03-TAS-4US
Athom US Key Switch 1 Gang Athom US Key Switch 1 Gang Switch SW13
Avatto 1 Gang Avatto 1 Gang Switch TS02-1
Avatto 4 Gang Avatto 4 Gang Switch TS02-4
Digoo DG-S811 3 Gang Digoo DG-S811 3 Gang Switch
DS-121 2 Gang No Neutral DS-121 2 Gang No Neutral Switch
DS-121 4 Gang No Neutral DS-121 4 Gang No Neutral Switch
Eachen CD303 3 Gang Eachen CD303 3 Gang Switch CD303
Eachen SWT-2Gang Eachen SWT-2Gang Switch TY8600009
Earda 3-Way Earda 3-Way Switch ESW-1WAA-US
Etekcity ESWL01 Etekcity ESWL01 Switch
Etekcity ESWL03 3-way Etekcity ESWL03 3-way Switch
Eva Logik 3-Way Eva Logik 3-Way Switch WF30
FrankEver 4 Gang FrankEver 4 Gang Switch
Freecube Freecube Switch AWS01F
Geeni TAP 3-Way Geeni TAP 3-Way Switch GN-WW112-199S
Gosund Single Pole Gosund Single Pole Switch SW1
Gosund Single Pole Gosund Single Pole Switch SW5
Gosund SW6 3-Way Gosund SW6 3-Way Switch SW6
KMC 70008 KMC 70008 Switch
KS-602 KS-602 Switch DZ2900-01B
KS-605 KS-605 Switch
Kuled K36 Kuled K36 Switch
Kuled KS602S Kuled KS602S Switch
Kygne CD-301 Kygne CD-301 Switch
Laghten SS02S Laghten SS02S Switch
Lanbon L8 5 in 1 LCD Touch Lanbon L8 5 in 1 LCD Touch Switch L8-HS
Lerlink 3 Gang No Neutral Lerlink 3 Gang No Neutral Switch X803K-L
Lightstory WT02S Lightstory WT02S Switch WT02S
Lonsonho SK3-01 Lonsonho SK3-01 Switch
Lonsonho SK3-02 Lonsonho SK3-02 Switch
Lonsonho SK3-03 Lonsonho SK3-03 Switch Wi-Fi-SK3-03
LoraTap WH100W-US 20A LoraTap WH100W-US 20A Switch
LX-WIFI-00M 4 Gang LX-WIFI-00M 4 Gang Switch
MakeGood 2 Gang MakeGood 2 Gang Switch MG-MD04W
Markevina KS-602S Markevina KS-602S Switch 2HRE-KS602
Martin Jerry S01 15A Martin Jerry S01 15A Switch MJ-S01
Martin Jerry ST01 3 Way Martin Jerry ST01 3 Way Switch MJ-ST01
Merkury MI-WW107-199W Merkury MI-WW107-199W Switch
Micmi K38 Micmi K38 Switch
Milfra Milfra Switch KS-602H
Milfra 1 Gang Milfra 1 Gang Switch TB21
Milfra 3 Gang Milfra 3 Gang Switch TB23
Milfra Mini Smart Milfra Mini Smart Switch TB31
Milfra Vibration Touch Milfra Vibration Touch Switch MFA01
Moes 3-Way Moes 3-Way Switch SS01-1
Moes BS-US-W Boiler Moes BS-US-W Boiler Switch
Moes Light and Fan Moes Light and Fan Switch WF-FL01
Moes SS01S-1 Moes SS01S-1 Switch
Moes WS-US1-W 1 Gang Moes WS-US1-W 1 Gang Switch
Moes WS-US2-W 2 Gang Moes WS-US2-W 2 Gang Switch
Moes WS-US3-W 3 Gang Moes WS-US3-W 3 Gang Switch
Moes WT02S Moes WT02S Switch 2ANIF-WT02S
MoKo Smart Life MoKo Smart Life Switch
NaamaSmart KS602 NaamaSmart KS602 Switch
Nexete DS-123 Nexete DS-123 Switch
Nexete DS-123 Single Nexete DS-123 Single Switch
Push Button 1/2/3/4 Gang Push Button 1/2/3/4 Gang Switch DS-122
SANA SW02-02 SANA SW02-02 Switch
SANA SW02-03 SANA SW02-03 Switch
Sesoo WIFI-US-SK3-04 Sesoo WIFI-US-SK3-04 Switch
Shawader 1Ch Touch Light Shawader 1Ch Touch Light Switch WLS028 1
Shawader 2Ch Touch Light Shawader 2Ch Touch Light Switch WLS028 2
SK-A801-01-US 1 Gang SK-A801-01-US 1 Gang Switch SK-A801-01-US
SK-W803-01-US 3 Gang SK-W803-01-US 3 Gang Switch
SmartPlex 3 Gang SmartPlex 3 Gang Switch
Smatrul 1 Gang RF No Neutral Smatrul 1 Gang RF No Neutral Switch TMW401-US 1
Smatrul 2 Gang RF No Neutral Smatrul 2 Gang RF No Neutral Switch TMW401-US 2
Sonoff IW101 Sonoff IW101 Power Monitoring Switch IW101
Sonoff T1 US 1 Gang Sonoff T1 US 1 Gang Switch
Sonoff T1 US 2 Gang Sonoff T1 US 2 Gang Switch
Sonoff T1 US 3 Gang Sonoff T1 US 3 Gang Switch
Sonoff Touch US Sonoff Touch US Switch IM160928099
Sonoff TX T0 US 3 Gang Sonoff TX T0 US 3 Gang Switch T0US3C
Sonoff TX T3 US 3 Gang Sonoff TX T3 US 3 Gang Switch T3US3C
SS118-01K1 SS118-01K1 Switch
SSMS118-01A1 Scene Light Smart SSMS118-01A1 Scene Light Smart Switch
Steren Apagador Steren Apagador Switch SHOME-115
Steren Apagador Doble Steren Apagador Doble Switch SHOME-116
Steren Apagador Triple Steren Apagador Triple Switch SHOME-117
STITCH STITCH Switch 35557
Teckin SR-41 Single Pole Teckin SR-41 Single Pole Switch SR-41
Tonbux AMZ180648-2 Tonbux AMZ180648-2 Switch
TopGreener Scene Controller TopGreener Scene Controller Switch TGWFSC8-W
TopGreener TGWF15S TopGreener TGWF15S Switch ZZH-WF15S
TreatLife 3-Way TreatLife 3-Way Switch SS02
Treatlife SS01 3-Way Treatlife SS01 3-Way Switch SS01
TreatLife SS01S TreatLife SS01S Switch
TreatLife SS02S TreatLife SS02S Switch
TY-US-L1-W TY-US-L1-W Switch
TY-US-L3-W TY-US-L3-W Switch
Vaticas 1 Vaticas 1 Switch S2.KGKG05.L
VHome RF433 1 Gang VHome RF433 1 Gang Switch VX-TW-CL-01
VHome RF433 2 Gang VHome RF433 2 Gang Switch VX-TW-CL-02
vhome RF433 3 Gang vhome RF433 3 Gang Switch VH-TW003 or VH-TB-US-003
Wall Touch Switch 2 Gang Wall Touch Switch 2 Gang Switch 120-WIFI-RF 2
WS-US-03 WS-US-03 Switch
Xenon SM-SW102U 2 Gang Xenon SM-SW102U 2 Gang Switch
Xenon SM-SW202 Xenon SM-SW202 Switch
Youngzuth 2in1 Youngzuth 2in1 Switch SW02-02
Youngzuth 3in1 Youngzuth 3in1 Switch SW02-03
Zemismart KS-811 1 Gang Zemismart KS-811 1 Gang Switch
Zemismart KS-811 2 Gang Zemismart KS-811 2 Gang Switch
Zemismart KS-811 3 Gang Zemismart KS-811 3 Gang Switch
ZemiSmart SS118-01K2 ZemiSmart SS118-01K2 Switch SS118-01K2
Zemismart WF-BS01 Zemismart WF-BS01 Switch

Switch Module

dewenwils Outdoor Timer Box dewenwils Outdoor Timer Box Switch Module TM-050B
LoraTap 10A LoraTap 10A Switch Module RR400W


Moes Gas-Water Moes Gas-Water Valve WV-B
Owfeel EN71 Owfeel EN71 Valve

Wall Outlet

2AC 1USB 2AC 1USB Wall Outlet SM-SW801U
Aseer THWFS01 Aseer THWFS01 Power Monitoring Wall Outlet THWFS01
Bestten LO-2-W Bestten LO-2-W Wall Outlet
CE Smart Home CE Smart Home Wall Outlet LA-2-W3
CE Smart Home LQ-2-W3 CE Smart Home LQ-2-W3 Wall Outlet 2AMQ8-WIFI-008
Gosund Gosund Wall Outlet WO1
Kapok T16 Kapok T16 Wall Outlet
Kesen KS-604 Kesen KS-604 Wall Outlet
Kesen KS-604S Kesen KS-604S Wall Outlet
Keygma KS-15TW Keygma KS-15TW Wall Outlet
Oittm 120 Oittm 120 Power Monitoring Wall Outlet WS01
PS-1607 PS-1607 Wall Outlet
Sonoff IW100 Sonoff IW100 Power Monitoring Wall Outlet IW100TPB
Sonoff S55 Sonoff S55 Wall Outlet IM190313008
Teckin SR40 Teckin SR40 Wall Outlet RF-SR40-US
TopGreener Dual USB TopGreener Dual USB Power Monitoring Wall Outlet TGWF215U2A
TopGreener TGWF15RM TopGreener TGWF15RM Power Monitoring Wall Outlet
Xenon 2AC 1USB Xenon 2AC 1USB Wall Outlet SM-PW801-U1

Global Standard

Addressable LED Controller

Athom 2812b Athom 2812b Addressable LED Controller LS2812B-TAS
cod.m WLAN Pixel Controller v0.6 cod.m WLAN Pixel Controller v0.6 Addressable LED Controller 90060
ESP01 NeoPixel Ring ESP01 NeoPixel Ring Addressable LED Controller ESP-01S-RGB-LED-v1.0
SP501E WS2812B SP501E WS2812B Addressable LED Controller SP501E

Aroma Diffuser

Essential Oil 400ml Essential Oil 400ml Aroma Diffuser XD80xW
GD-30W 300ml GD-30W 300ml Aroma Diffuser
Kbaybo 300ml Kbaybo 300ml Aroma Diffuser K-H25s
Wood Grain 550ML Wood Grain 550ML Aroma Diffuser KCL-M1801C_M


Ai-Thinker DIY Kit Ai-Thinker DIY Kit Camera ESP32-CAM
Wireles Tag DIY Kit Wireles Tag DIY Kit Camera WT-ESP32-CAM

Ceiling Light

BlitzWolf 24W BlitzWolf 24W Ceiling Light BW-LT20
Calex 429250 Calex 429250 Ceiling Light 8712879145066
Fcmila 48W RGBCCT Fcmila 48W RGBCCT Ceiling Light
Hama Glitter Effect, 27cm Square Hama Glitter Effect, 27cm Square Ceiling Light 00176546
LOLAsmart Uranus White 70 cm LOLAsmart Uranus White 70 cm Ceiling Light 9241068
LVL 300mm Round LVL 300mm Round Ceiling Light
Oeegoo 15W RGBCCT Oeegoo 15W RGBCCT Ceiling Light OEE216
Offdarks Star Fine RGBCCT 60W 40mm Offdarks Star Fine RGBCCT 60W 40mm Ceiling Light LXD-XQ
Utorch 24W 2000lm CCT Utorch 24W 2000lm CCT Ceiling Light PZE-911
Utorch 24W 2000lm CCT Utorch 24W 2000lm CCT Ceiling Light UT40
Yeelight Jiaoyue 260mm 10W CCT Yeelight Jiaoyue 260mm 10W CCT Ceiling Light YLXD62YI

Contact Sensor

D06 D06 Contact Sensor D06
Digoo DG-ZXD21 Door Detector Digoo DG-ZXD21 Door Detector Contact Sensor DG-ZXD21
Earykong TYMC-1 Door Window Earykong TYMC-1 Door Window Contact Sensor MC400A
TY01 Door Window TY01 Door Window Contact Sensor TY01/XCS1
Zemismart Door Window Zemismart Door Window Contact Sensor

Curtain Module

LoraTap In-Wall LoraTap In-Wall Curtain Module SC511WSC
MS-108 In-Wall MS-108 In-Wall Curtain Module MS-108
QS-WIFI-C01-RF QS-WIFI-C01-RF Curtain Module QS-WIFI-C01-RF

Curtain Switch

Anccy Anccy Curtain Switch

DIN Relay

EARU DIN Circuit Breaker 1P 32A/50A EARU DIN Circuit Breaker 1P 32A/50A DIN Relay RDCBC-1P
Hoch Circuit Breaker 1P Hoch Circuit Breaker 1P DIN Relay ZJSB9-80Z
OpenEnergyMonitor WiFi MQTT Thermostat OpenEnergyMonitor WiFi MQTT Thermostat DIN Relay WIFI_RELAY_
Sinotimer Sinotimer Power Monitoring DIN Relay TM608
Sinotimer Sinotimer DIN Relay TM609
Sohan DIN Circuit Breaker 1P 50A Sohan DIN Circuit Breaker 1P 50A DIN Relay RDCBC-1P
TOMZN 2P 63/80A Circuit Breaker TOMZN 2P 63/80A Circuit Breaker DIN Relay TOWBC-2P-T

Development Board

Adafruit HUZZAH Adafruit HUZZAH Development Board
AZ-Envy Environmental Sensor AZ-Envy Environmental Sensor Development Board
ESP32 Lite V1.0.0 ESP32 Lite V1.0.0 Development Board
LC Technology MicroPython Maker LC Technology MicroPython Maker Development Board MicroPython_ESP8266
LilyGO TTGO T-Internet-POE LilyGO TTGO T-Internet-POE Development Board T-Internet-POE
M5Stack Atom Lite ESP32 M5Stack Atom Lite ESP32 Development Board C008
Olimex ESP32-POE Ethernet Olimex ESP32-POE Ethernet Development Board ESP32-POE
QuinLED 2 Channel QuinLED 2 Channel Development Board QuinLED-OG
Silicognition wESP32 Silicognition wESP32 Development Board
TZT ESP8266 Weather Station Kit TZT ESP8266 Weather Station Kit Development Board
Wireless Tag ESP32 Ethernet Wireless Tag ESP32 Ethernet Development Board WT32-ETH01
Witty Cloud Witty Cloud Development Board
Yison ESP-01/ESP-202 Yison ESP-01/ESP-202 Development Board
ZiGate-Ethernet ZiGate-Ethernet Development Board

Dimmer Module

Armtronix AC Dimmer 1-Triac Armtronix AC Dimmer 1-Triac Dimmer Module BA001
Armtronix AC Dimmer 2-Triac Armtronix AC Dimmer 2-Triac Dimmer Module
Moes MS-105-1 v2 Moes MS-105-1 v2 Dimmer Module
QS-WiFi-D01-TRIAC 150W QS-WiFi-D01-TRIAC 150W Dimmer Module
RJWF-02A RJWF-02A Dimmer Module
Shelly Dimmer Shelly Dimmer Dimmer Module
Shelly Dimmer 2 Shelly Dimmer 2 Dimmer Module
Sonoff D1 Sonoff D1 Dimmer Module


Heltec WiFi Kit 32 Heltec WiFi Kit 32 Display
Heltec WiFi Kit 8 Heltec WiFi Kit 8 Display
LilyGO TTGO ESP8266 0.91 inch OLED SSD1306 LilyGO TTGO ESP8266 0.91 inch OLED SSD1306 Display TTGO-ESP8266-0.91-SSD1306
LilyGO TTGO T-Camera LilyGO TTGO T-Camera Display T-Camera
LilyGO TTGO T-Display 1.14in LilyGO TTGO T-Display 1.14in Display T-Display
LilyGO TTGO T-Watcher LilyGO TTGO T-Watcher Display T4 v1.3
LilyGO TTGO TO ESP8266 OLED SH1106 Weather Station LilyGO TTGO TO ESP8266 OLED SH1106 Weather Station Display ESP8266_OLED_SH1106
M5Stack Core2 M5Stack Core2 Display K010
M5Stack M5StickC M5Stack M5StickC Display K016-C
ODROID-GO Game Kit ODROID-GO Game Kit Display G152875062626
OLED Display Module 0.66 OLED Display Module 0.66" for Wemos D1 Mini Display
TTGO ESP32 TTGO ESP32 Display T-Journal


3A 12W RGBW 3A 12W RGBW Downlight
iHomma 6W RGBCCT iHomma 6W RGBCCT Downlight
iHomma RGB BT+IR 12W iHomma RGB BT+IR 12W Downlight
Moes 7W RGBCCT Moes 7W RGBCCT Downlight WB-D7-RCW-1
Zemismart 4 Zemismart 4" 10W RGBCCT Downlight ZMDL002-4
Zemismart 4 Zemismart 4" 10W RGBW Downlight ZMDL002-4
Zemismart 6 Zemismart 6" 14W RGBCCT Downlight ZMDL002-6

Energy Meter

ZMAi-90 Digital ZMAi-90 Digital Energy Meter ZMAi-90


Zemismart Bladeless Zemismart Bladeless Fan F1-BL

Fan Controller

Sonoff iFan02 Light and Ceiling Sonoff iFan02 Light and Ceiling Fan Controller
Sonoff iFan03 220V Light and Ceiling Sonoff iFan03 220V Light and Ceiling Fan Controller IM190409021

Garage Door Opener

MS-102 MS-102 Garage Door Opener MS-102

Gas Sensor

Digoo Alarm with Heat and Digoo Alarm with Heat and Gas Sensor DG-ZXGS21
Natural Gas (CH4) Alarm Natural Gas (CH4) Alarm Gas Sensor PA-210WYS

IR Controller

A1 Universal Remote Control A1 Universal Remote Control IR Controller
AI Universal Remote AI Universal Remote IR Controller LQ-08
Alfawise KS1 Alfawise KS1 IR Controller
auvisio S06 auvisio S06 IR Controller
Avatto Temperature and Humidity Sensor and Avatto Temperature and Humidity Sensor and IR Controller S08Pro
BlitzWolf BW-RC1 BlitzWolf BW-RC1 IR Controller 56751
Cusam CS-IRC-1 Cusam CS-IRC-1 IR Controller
Eachen IR DC6 Eachen IR DC6 IR Controller
Frankever Smart Remote Frankever Smart Remote IR Controller FK-UFO-R4
Geeklink GK01 Geeklink GK01 IR Controller
Jinvoo AC/TV Box Jinvoo AC/TV Box IR Controller SM-AW502A
JS-IR1 Universal Remote JS-IR1 Universal Remote IR Controller JS-IR1
Lenovo SE-741C Lenovo SE-741C IR Controller ZG38C02929
Nedis Universal Remote Control Nedis Universal Remote Control IR Controller WIFIRC10CBK
NEO Coolcam Remote Controller NEO Coolcam Remote Controller IR Controller NAS-IR03W
Orvibo Magic Cube Orvibo Magic Cube IR Controller CT10W
Remote Control Remote Control IR Controller QRA2
RM mini RM mini IR Controller RM mini
Smartpoint Smart Remote Smartpoint Smart Remote IR Controller SPCNTRL-WM
STITCH STITCH IR Controller 35753
SZMDLX IR Remote Controller SZMDLX IR Remote Controller IR Controller ZYY
Tuya Smart Remote Tuya Smart Remote IR Controller ZN281402
YTF Universal Remote YTF Universal Remote IR Controller

Illuminance Sensor

Tuya Tuya Illuminance Sensor SS-LS01

LED Controller

Anncoe C350 RGB Anncoe C350 RGB LED Controller
Anncoe C350 RGBW Anncoe C350 RGBW LED Controller
Arilux AL-LC01 Arilux AL-LC01 LED Controller
Arilux AL-LC06 Arilux AL-LC06 LED Controller
Arilux AL-LC11 Arilux AL-LC11 LED Controller
Arilux LC-08 RGBCCT Arilux LC-08 RGBCCT LED Controller
Arilux SL-LC 03 Arilux SL-LC 03 LED Controller 2AGGWZJWF
Arilux SL-LC 09 Arilux SL-LC 09 LED Controller
Athom RGB Athom RGB LED Controller LS5050C-TAS
Bakeey RGB Bakeey RGB LED Controller
CIN-03 96W RGB CIN-03 96W RGB LED Controller CL-CIN-03-04
DD001-MINI(G)-IR-V03 DD001-MINI(G)-IR-V03 LED Controller
DD001-MINI(G)-IR-V08 DD001-MINI(G)-IR-V08 LED Controller
Electrodragon ESP LED Strip Board, Mosfet Drive Electrodragon ESP LED Strip Board, Mosfet Drive LED Controller
H801 H801 LED Controller
Jinvoo SM-WA104 RGB Jinvoo SM-WA104 RGB LED Controller SM-WA104
Konesky 12V RGB Konesky 12V RGB LED Controller
Luminea ZX-2844 Luminea ZX-2844 LED Controller
Luminea ZX-2844-675 Luminea ZX-2844-675 LED Controller DE6077112
Lustreon Lustreon LED Controller
Magic UFO RGBW Magic UFO RGBW LED Controller 26-011-945
MagicHome RGB MagicHome RGB LED Controller ZJ-WFMN-A V1.1
MagicHome RGB MagicHome RGB LED Controller ZJ-WFMN-B V1.1
MagicHome RGB ZJ-WFMN-A V1.1 MagicHome RGB ZJ-WFMN-A V1.1 LED Controller
MagicHome RGBW MagicHome RGBW LED Controller ESP-IR-B-v2.3
MagicHome RGBW RF MagicHome RGBW RF LED Controller ZJ-WFMN-B VL1
MagicHome RGBW ZJ-WFMN-B V1.1 MagicHome RGBW ZJ-WFMN-B V1.1 LED Controller
MagicHome RGBWW w/ RF MagicHome RGBWW w/ RF LED Controller MINI-WF-RF-5CH-A_V1.0
MagicHome RGBWW w/ RF MagicHome RGBWW w/ RF LED Controller ZJ-WF-RF-5CH-B-V1.0
MagicHome Single Color 5-28V MagicHome Single Color 5-28V LED Controller ZJ-WFMN-C V1.1
MagicHome ZJ-ESP-IR-F V1 MagicHome ZJ-ESP-IR-F V1 LED Controller
Music 12A 288W RGBW Led Controller Music 12A 288W RGBW Led Controller LED Controller WS04
Nexlux Nexlux LED Controller
RGB RGB LED Controller WS03
Shelly RGBW2 Shelly RGBW2 LED Controller
ZJ-WF-ESP-A v1.1 ZJ-WF-ESP-A v1.1 LED Controller

LED Strip

B.K. Licht 2m RGB B.K. Licht 2m RGB LED Strip BKL1268
BlitzWolf BW-LT11 BlitzWolf BW-LT11 LED Strip
Deltaco 3m RGBCCT Deltaco 3m RGBCCT LED Strip SH-LS3M
Elfeland 10m RGB Elfeland 10m RGB LED Strip EL-WSL-001
Gosund NiteBird RGB Gosund NiteBird RGB LED Strip SL1
INDARUN RGB String Lights INDARUN RGB String Lights LED Strip STAR301
LE LampUX 2m RGB TV Backlight LE LampUX 2m RGB TV Backlight LED Strip 904102-RGB
Sonoff L1 Sonoff L1 LED Strip
Teckin SL02 Teckin SL02 LED Strip 2AQNX-SL02
Teopek Spider Z RGB Teopek Spider Z RGB LED Strip


Brelong USB Charging Night Brelong USB Charging Night Light E-POP-A09-303
Brilex Nightstand Lamp Brilex Nightstand Lamp Light BLX-DL-014-WHI
electriQ MOODL Ambiance Lamp electriQ MOODL Ambiance Lamp Light iQ-wifiMOODL
Hama Wall Light Square, 10 cm, IP 44 Hama Wall Light Square, 10 cm, IP 44 Light 00176563
Hugoai Table Lamp Hugoai Table Lamp Light HG02
Mi LED Desk Lamp Mi LED Desk Lamp Light MJTD01YL
Mirabella Genio Rechargable LED Portable Lamp Mirabella Genio Rechargable LED Portable Lamp Light I002940
Sonoff BN-SZ01 Sonoff BN-SZ01 Light IM170222001
Spotlight 9cm RGB+W 7W Spotlight 9cm RGB+W 7W Light
Yeelight Crystal Pendant Yeelight Crystal Pendant Light YLDL01YL
Zemismart Moonlamp Zemismart Moonlamp Light


BlitzWolf Air Fryer BlitzWolf Air Fryer BW-AF1
Blitzwolf UV Pet Water Fountain Blitzwolf UV Pet Water Fountain BW-SPF1
Dealdig Robvaccum 8 Vacuum Dealdig Robvaccum 8 Vacuum
Digital Body Fat Scale Digital Body Fat Scale
iLONDA Fish Feeder iLONDA Fish Feeder L88
LED Starry Sky Projector Light LED Starry Sky Projector Light
Mosquito Killer Lamp Mosquito Killer Lamp 193305
NEO Coolcam Mouse Trap NEO Coolcam Mouse Trap NAS-MA01W
PCI-e Desktop PC Remote Control PCI-e Desktop PC Remote Control SANT-SUC01
Proscenic T21 Air Fryer Proscenic T21 Air Fryer T21
RainPoint Indoor Water Pump RainPoint Indoor Water Pump TTP106W


DT-Light ESP8285 Lighting DT-Light ESP8285 Lighting Module DMP-L1
ESP-01D ESP-01D Module
ESP-01M ESP-01M Module ESP-01M
ESP-01N V1.0 ESP-01N V1.0 Module WT-01N
ESP-01S ESP-01S Module ESP-01S
ESP-07 ESP-07 Module ESP-07
ESP-12E / ESP-12F / ESP-12S ESP-12E / ESP-12F / ESP-12S Module ESP-12
ESP-15F ESP-15F Module ESP-15F
ESP-M2 ESP-M2 Module ESP-M2
ESP-M3 ESP-M3 Module ESP-M3
ESP-M4 ESP-M4 Module ESP-M4
LC Technology PSF-B04 Ewelink 4 Channel Switch LC Technology PSF-B04 Ewelink 4 Channel Switch Module LC-EWL-B04-MB
MTools 16 Channel ESP32 Relay Driver 5V DC MTools 16 Channel ESP32 Relay Driver 5V DC Module
Shelly Universal Input/Output Shelly Universal Input/Output Module UNI
Sinilink MODBUS Interface Sinilink MODBUS Interface Module XY-WFPOW
Wireless Tag ESP32-C3 ESP-12 Compatible Wireless Tag ESP32-C3 ESP-12 Compatible Module WT32C3-S5

Motion Sensor

DP-WP001 PIR DP-WP001 PIR Motion Sensor
Lenovo Rechargable PIR Motion Lenovo Rechargable PIR Motion Motion Sensor ZG38C02927


Zemismart BCM300D-TY Zemismart BCM300D-TY Motor
Zemismart Blinds Controller Zemismart Blinds Controller Motor YH002
Zemismart Rechargeable Roller Shade Zemismart Rechargeable Roller Shade Motor
Zemismart Roller Shade Zemismart Roller Shade Motor 2AU8E-M2805EIGB
Zemismart Updated RF Remote Roller Shade Zemismart Updated RF Remote Roller Shade Motor M515EGB


Sonoff SC Sonoff SC Multisensor IM161129002


Anncoe C318 Anncoe C318 Power Monitoring Plug C318
Tellur 16A 2 Ports Tellur 16A 2 Ports Power Monitoring Plug TLL331061

RF Gateway

Sonoff RF Gateway 433 Sonoff RF Gateway 433 RF Gateway


ESP-12F 5V/7-28V 4 Channel 30A ESP-12F 5V/7-28V 4 Channel 30A Relay ESP12F_Relay_30A X4

Relay Board

Anmbest 2 Channel Inching Self-locking Switch Module Anmbest 2 Channel Inching Self-locking Switch Module Relay Board Anmbest_198-199
Armtronix Quad Armtronix Quad Relay Board BA011
Athom 1Ch Inching/Self-locking Athom 1Ch Inching/Self-locking Relay Board R01
Athom 8Ch Inching/Self-locking 10A Athom 8Ch Inching/Self-locking 10A Relay Board R08
Claudy 5V Claudy 5V Relay Board KLD_DUNWEI_CTRL
DoHome HomeKit DIY Switch DoHome HomeKit DIY Switch Relay Board
Eachen ST-DC2 Eachen ST-DC2 Relay Board
Eachen ST-DC4 Eachen ST-DC4 Relay Board
Eachen ST-UDC1 Eachen ST-UDC1 Relay Board
Electrodragon Board SPDT Electrodragon Board SPDT Relay Board NWI1118
Electrodragon ESP8266 Electrodragon ESP8266 Relay Board
ESP-01 Relay V4.0 ESP-01 Relay V4.0 Relay Board
ESP-01S 5V Relay Module V1.0 ESP-01S 5V Relay Module V1.0 Relay Board ESP-01S-Relay-v1.0
ESP-12F 5V/7-28V 1 Channel 30A ESP-12F 5V/7-28V 1 Channel 30A Relay Board ESP12F_Relay_30A X1
ESP-12F 5V/7-28V 8 Channel ESP-12F 5V/7-28V 8 Channel Relay Board ESP12F_Relay_X8
ESP-12F 5V/7-30V/220V 4 Channel ESP-12F 5V/7-30V/220V 4 Channel Relay Board ESP12F_Relay_X4
ESP-12F 5V/8-80V 2 Channel ESP-12F 5V/8-80V 2 Channel Relay Board ESP12F_Relay_X2
ESP32 4 Channel ESP32 4 Channel Relay Board ESP32R4
eWeLink PSF-B04 5V 7-32V 4 Channel eWeLink PSF-B04 5V 7-32V 4 Channel Relay Board
Geekcreit 5V DIY 4 Channel Jog Inching Self-Locking Geekcreit 5V DIY 4 Channel Jog Inching Self-Locking Relay Board 438340
Geekcreit Module 220V 10A Geekcreit Module 220V 10A Relay Board
HW-622 ESP8266 HW-622 ESP8266 Relay Board
LC Technology 12V 4 Channel LC Technology 12V 4 Channel Relay Board LC-ESP01-4R-12V
LC Technology 5V 2 Channel LC Technology 5V 2 Channel Relay Board LC-Relay-ESP01-2R-5V
LC Technology 5V 4 Channel LC Technology 5V 4 Channel Relay Board LC-ESP01-4R-5V
LC Technology 5V/8-80V 1 Channel LC Technology 5V/8-80V 1 Channel Relay Board ESP12F_Relay_X1
LC Technology 5V/8-80V 1 Channel LC Technology 5V/8-80V 1 Channel Relay Board ESP12F_Relay_X1_V2
LC Technology ESP8266 5V LC Technology ESP8266 5V Relay Board ESP8266-01S
LinkNode R4 LinkNode R4 Relay Board
LinkNode R8 LinkNode R8 Relay Board
Mhcozy 5V Mhcozy 5V Relay Board
Sinilink DC5V Module Sinilink DC5V Module Relay Board XY-WF5V
Sinilink DC6-36V Module Sinilink DC6-36V Module Relay Board XY-WF36V
Sinilink MOS Sinilink MOS Relay Board XY-WFMS
Sonoff 1 Channel Inching/Self-Locking Sonoff 1 Channel Inching/Self-Locking Relay Board
Sonoff RE5V1C 5V Inching/Selflock Sonoff RE5V1C 5V Inching/Selflock Relay Board IM171018005
Sonoff SV Sonoff SV Relay Board
Yunshan 7-30V 10A Yunshan 7-30V 10A Relay Board HW-622


NEO Coolcam Temperature and Humidity 3in1 Alarm NEO Coolcam Temperature and Humidity 3in1 Alarm Siren NAS-AB02W

Smoke Sensor

Nedis Smoke Detector Nedis Smoke Detector Smoke Sensor WIFIDS10WT
Smoke Alarm Smoke Alarm Smoke Sensor YG400A
VisorTech VisorTech Smoke Sensor RWM-200.app

Socket Adapter

Elegant Choice E27/E26 Elegant Choice E27/E26 Socket Adapter


Bakeey 10A RGB Scene Bakeey 10A RGB Scene Switch
CD303 3 Gang Touch CD303 3 Gang Touch Switch CD303
MoKo Scene Life MoKo Scene Life Switch SSMS118-01AI

Switch Module

Albohes 2 Channel Albohes 2 Channel Switch Module SH-08
Athom 10A Athom 10A Switch Module CB0110A
Athom 2Ch Inching/Self-locking Athom 2Ch Inching/Self-locking Switch Module R02
Athom 3-Way Mini Relay Athom 3-Way Mini Relay Switch Module RS01
Athom 4Ch Inching/Self-locking 10A Athom 4Ch Inching/Self-locking 10A Switch Module R04
Athom 4Ch Inching/Self-locking 30A Athom 4Ch Inching/Self-locking 30A Switch Module R04-30A
BH OnOfre Dual Rev5 Silent Edition BH OnOfre Dual Rev5 Silent Edition Switch Module
BlitzWolf BW-SS1 BlitzWolf BW-SS1 Switch Module
BlitzWolf BW-SS5 1 Gang BlitzWolf BW-SS5 1 Gang Switch Module BW-SS5
BlitzWolf BW-SS5 2 Gang BlitzWolf BW-SS5 2 Gang Switch Module BW-SS5
BlitzWolf SS4 BlitzWolf SS4 Switch Module BW-SS4
Canwing CW-001 Canwing CW-001 Switch Module
Century Aoke Smart Switch Century Aoke Smart Switch Switch Module
EDM Low Voltage EDM Low Voltage Switch Module SS001
eMylo 2 Channel eMylo 2 Channel Switch Module XL9252WI
eMylo Single Channel Switch eMylo Single Channel Switch Switch Module
eMylo SS-8839-02 eMylo SS-8839-02 Switch Module
eMylo SS-8839-03 eMylo SS-8839-03 Switch Module
EX Store 2 Kanal V5 EX Store 2 Kanal V5 Switch Module
Geekcreit 2 Channel AC 85V-250V Geekcreit 2 Channel AC 85V-250V Switch Module
L-5A01 L-5A01 Switch Module
LoraTap RR500W LoraTap RR500W Switch Module
LoveAnna AC85-250V 10A LoveAnna AC85-250V 10A Switch Module
Luani HVIO Luani HVIO Switch Module
Moes Moes Switch Module MS-104B
QS-WIFI-S03 QS-WIFI-S03 Switch Module
QS-WIFI-S05 QS-WIFI-S05 Switch Module
Shelly 1 Shelly 1 Switch Module
Shelly 1PM Shelly 1PM Power Monitoring Switch Module
Shelly 2 Shelly 2 Power Monitoring Switch Module
Shelly 2.5 Shelly 2.5 Power Monitoring Switch Module
Shelly EM Shelly EM Power Monitoring Switch Module
Shelly i3 Action and Scenes Activation Device Shelly i3 Action and Scenes Activation Device Switch Module
Sinilink USB Sinilink USB Switch Module XY-WFUSB
Smart Home SS-8839-01 Smart Home SS-8839-01 Switch Module
Sonoff 4CH (R2) Sonoff 4CH (R2) Switch Module
Sonoff 4CH Pro (R2) Sonoff 4CH Pro (R2) Switch Module
Sonoff 4CHPROR3 Sonoff 4CHPROR3 Switch Module M08020100034
Sonoff 4CHR3 Sonoff 4CHR3 Switch Module M08020100034
Sonoff Basic Sonoff Basic Switch Module
Sonoff Basic R2 Sonoff Basic R2 Switch Module BASICR2
Sonoff Basic R3 Sonoff Basic R3 Switch Module BASICR3
Sonoff Dual Sonoff Dual Switch Module
Sonoff Dual R2 Sonoff Dual R2 Switch Module
Sonoff Dual R3 Sonoff Dual R3 Switch Module DUALR3
Sonoff Dual R3 Lite Sonoff Dual R3 Lite Switch Module DUALR3L
Sonoff Dual R3 v2 Sonoff Dual R3 v2 Switch Module DUALR3
Sonoff Mini Sonoff Mini Switch Module IM190416001
Sonoff Mini R2 Sonoff Mini R2 Switch Module MINIR2
Sonoff Pow Sonoff Pow Power Monitoring Switch Module
Sonoff Pow R2 Sonoff Pow R2 Power Monitoring Switch Module
Sonoff POW R3 25A 5500W Sonoff POW R3 25A 5500W Power Monitoring Switch Module POWR3
Sonoff RF Sonoff RF Switch Module
Sonoff TH10/TH16 Sonoff TH10/TH16 Switch Module
Splatura USB Device Power Switch Splatura USB Device Power Switch Switch Module
SS-8839-02 SS-8839-02 Switch Module
SS311KWS RF Kinetic Switch and WiFi SS311KWS RF Kinetic Switch and WiFi Switch Module
SUPLA inCan by Espablo SUPLA inCan by Espablo Switch Module
SW-R03 SW-R03 Switch Module
WL-SW01_10 WL-SW01_10 Switch Module
Woox Integrational Switch Woox Integrational Switch Switch Module R4967
Yuntong Smart Yuntong Smart Switch Module S1957943
Zemismart ERC309 Kinetic Zemismart ERC309 Kinetic Switch Module

Temperature Sensor

DS18B20 ESP01 DIY DS18B20 ESP01 DIY Temperature Sensor ESP-01-01S-DS18B20-v1.0
ESP01 DHT11 DIY ESP01 DHT11 DIY Temperature Sensor ESP-01S-DHT11-v1.0
IOT4SH01DS IOT4SH01DS Temperature Sensor
Shelly Add-on Shelly Add-on Temperature Sensor


Garden Water Timer BQ05 Garden Water Timer BQ05 Valve
Hoenyzy DN20 3/4 Hoenyzy DN20 3/4 Valve
Jinvoo SM-AW713 Jinvoo SM-AW713 Valve
Jinvoo SM-PW713 Jinvoo SM-PW713 Valve

Water Sensor

W06 W06 Water Sensor W06
Y09 Y09 Water Sensor Y09

Zigbee Gateway

eWeLink Ethernet eWeLink Ethernet Zigbee Gateway ZB-GW03-V1.2
Sonoff ZBBridge Sonoff ZBBridge Zigbee Gateway M08020700017
Tube's CC2652P2 Ethernet Tube's CC2652P2 Ethernet Zigbee Gateway TUBE013_CC2652P2
Tube's EFR32 Ethernet Tube's EFR32 Ethernet Zigbee Gateway TUBE013_EFR32