ESP-12F 5V/8-80V 2 Channel Relay Board
Model reference: ESP12F_Relay_X2
ESP-12F 5V/8-80V 2 Channel

Available from:

Flashed with:
Serial port

GPIO #Component
GPIO00 User
GPIO01 User
GPIO02 User
GPIO03 User
GPIO04 Relay 1
GPIO05 Relay 2
GPIO09 User
GPIO10 User
GPIO12 User
GPIO13 User
GPIO14 User
GPIO15 User
GPIO16 User
GPIO17 User
Template for Tasmota v9.1+

Headers must be soldered and jumpers needs to be installed for enabling relays.

Programmable LED(blue) is wired GPIO16 (could be used e.g. as LedLink or LedLinki)