MagicHome RGBW LED Controller
Model reference: ESP-IR-B-v2.3
MagicHome RGBW

Available from:

Flashed with:
Serial port

GPIO #Component
GPIO00 None
GPIO01 None
GPIO02 IRrecv
GPIO03 None
GPIO04 None
GPIO09 None
GPIO10 None
GPIO14 None
GPIO16 None

Also of interest, and depending how you’re using yours, these 2 options may be of note.

  1. to seperate the white to an individual channel https://tasmota.github.io/docs/SetOption37/
    setoption37 128
  2. and White Blend Mode is used for 4 channel (RGBW) https://tasmota.github.io/docs/White-Blend-Mode/
    rgbwwtable 255,255,255,255,0

to add remote function add these rules (holding white (or any button) will put ALL light channels on, like original)

on IrReceived#Data=0x00FFB04F DO backlog power 1; power0 1 endon 
on IrReceived#Data=0x00FFF807 DO power0 0 endon 
on IrReceived#Data=0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF DO backlog power2 1; white 100 endon
on IrReceived#Data=0x00FF906F DO dimmer + endon 
on IrReceived#Data=0x00FFB847 DO dimmer - endon 
on IrReceived#Data=0x00FFB24D DO backlog blinkcount 0; blinktime 5; power 3 endon 
on IrReceived#Data=0x00FF00FF DO backlog color 12; white 100; blinkcount 0; blinktime 2; power1 3; power2 3 endon 
on IrReceived#Data=0x00FF58A7 DO backlog scheme 2; speed 2 endon 
on IrReceived#Data=0x00FF30CF DO backlog scheme 2; speed 40 endon

and these rules are for the colour options on remote

on IrReceived#Data=0x00FF9867 DO color 1 endon
on IrReceived#Data=0x00FFE817 DO color 4 endon
on IrReceived#Data=0x00FF02FD DO color 7 endon
on IrReceived#Data=0x00FF50AF DO hsbcolor 40,100,100 endon
on IrReceived#Data=0x00FF38C7 DO color 10 endon
on IrReceived#Data=0x00FFD827 DO color 2 endon
on IrReceived#Data=0x00FF48B7 DO color 5 endon
on IrReceived#Data=0x00FF32CD DO color 8 endon
on IrReceived#Data=0x00FF7887 DO hsbcolor 145,100,47 endon
on IrReceived#Data=0x00FF28D7 DO hsbcolor 160,100,50 endon
on IrReceived#Data=0x00FF8877 DO color 3 endon
on IrReceived#Data=0x00FF6897 DO color 6 endon
on IrReceived#Data=0x00FF20DF DO color 9 endon
on IrReceived#Data=0x00FF708F DO hsbcolor 290,100,50 endon
on IrReceived#Data=0x00FFF00F DO color 11 endon
on IrReceived#Data=0x00FFA857 DO color 12 endon 

then to turn rules on

Backlog Rule1 1; Rule2 1