Switch Module 2x5A Switch Module (QS-WIFI-S04-2C)
Switch Module 2x5A

Available from:

Install method:
USB to Serial

GPIO #Component
GPIO00 User
GPIO01 User
GPIO02 Button 1
GPIO03 User
GPIO04 Buzzer
GPIO05 None
GPIO09 None
GPIO10 None
GPIO12 Switch 2
GPIO13 Switch 1
GPIO14 Relay 1
GPIO15 Relay 2
GPIO16 None
GPIO17 None

Use the ‘SwitchDebounce’ command to set the number of pulses required for the switch to be recognized as on or off. For example: SwitchDebounce 69 will turn the switch on after three pulses and turn it off after three missing ones.

SwitchDebounce 99 or 109 work like a charm in EU.

Despite being labelled 2x5A there are two 10A relays inside the device.