Aubess Universal IR Remote (ZN371630)
Aubess Universal

Available from:


Install method:
Replace module

GPIO #Component
GPIO00 User
GPIO01 User
GPIO02 User
GPIO03 IRrecv
GPIO04 IRsend
GPIO05 User
GPIO06 Button 1
GPIO07 LedLinki
GPIO08 User
GPIO09 User
GPIO010 User
GPIO011 None
GPIO012 None
GPIO013 None
GPIO014 None
GPIO015 None
GPIO016 None
GPIO017 None
GPIO018 User
GPIO019 User
GPIO020 User
GPIO021 User
Configuration for ESP32-C3
{"NAME":"Aubess IR Remote","GPIO":[1,1,1,1088,1056,1,32,576,1,1,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,1,1,1,1],"FLAG":0,"BASE":1}
This device uses a Tasmota incompatible module which needs to be replaced with an ESP . Besides the module, this process will require a heat gun, soldering tools and moderate soldering skill. Read more about module replacement in a detailed guide.

This device contains Tuya CBU module with a Beken chip. This chip pinout matches with ESP32-C3-05 and needs to be desoldered and replaced.

Since only the bottoms pins are required, pins on the left & right side don’t need to be soldered.

Enable extended irhvac support by adding this line in user_config_override when compiling