BlitzWolf BW-FUN3 400ml Aromatherapy Diffuser
BlitzWolf BW-FUN3 400ml

Available from:

Flashed with:

GPIO #Component
GPIO00 User
GPIO01 User
GPIO02 User
GPIO03 User
GPIO04 User
GPIO05 User
GPIO09 User
GPIO10 User
GPIO12 User
GPIO13 User
GPIO14 User
GPIO15 User
GPIO16 User
Tuya-Convert might not be possible for this device if the manufacturer started using newest Tuya firmware since this template was published (2020-04-24).

You will have :

  • DpId 1 Relay on/off
  • DpId 2 Strength min/max
  • DpId 3 Count hours 0 = continuous 1= 1 hour 2= two hours 3= 3hours
  • DpId 5 Led on/off
  • DpId 6 Led mode (rgb_cyrcle/color)
  • DpId 8 For color led,require 14 char value in hex

Then on console,apply this:

Backlog SetOption66 1; TuyaMCU 11,1; TuyaMCU 12,5; TuyaMCU 13,2; TuyaMCU 14,6; DimmerRange 1,255; SetOption59 1

After that create rules:

Rule1 on TuyaReceived#data=55AA03070005060400010019 do publish2 stat/aroma/EFFECT color endon on TuyaReceived#data=55AA0307000506040001011A do publish2 stat/aroma/EFFECT rgb_cycle endon on event#rgb_cycle do tuyasend4 6,0 endon on event#color do tuyasend4 6,1 endon on event#ON do backlog tuyasend4 6,1; tuyasend 11,1 endon on event#off do tuyasend1 11,0 endon on power3#state=1 do tuyasend4 2,1 endon on power3#state=0 do tuyasend4 2,0 endon
Rule2 on power1#state=1 do tuyasend4 3,0 endon

Turn the rules on: Backlog Rule1 1; Rule2 1

Add this for label webUI buttons:

Backlog WebButton1 On/Off; WebButton2 Light; WebButton3 Mist; WebButton4 Light Mode

At the end you will have 4 relays

1: On/Off Diffuser 2: On/Off Led 3: Min/Max strength 4: Rgb_cycle/color Led mode”