Freecube Switch (AWS01F)

Available from:

Install method:
USB to Serial

GPIO #Component
GPIO00 Led 1
GPIO01 None
GPIO02 Led 2
GPIO03 None
GPIO04 None
GPIO05 None
GPIO09 None
GPIO10 None
GPIO12 Led 3
GPIO13 Button 1
GPIO14 None
GPIO15 Relay 1
GPIO16 None
GPIO17 None
Configuration (old format, will be converted to new template when applied)


  • New tuya firmware on device caused tuya-convert not to work. Purchased from link above on 1-10-2021.
  • Switch does not have wifi cut-out on paddle for led in this version, just a horizontal slot cut-out.
  • Flashed via serial, links to pin out pic below. TX/RX labeled on PCB.


  • Designed a small jig to help with flashing of the above-mentioned chip. Jig can be found here
  • Small correction to the image above:
    • Ground pin is the rightmost pin along the VCC and GPIO 0 side of the chip
    • RX pin is directly above the identified RX pin
    • TX pin is directly above the identified TX pin