Hyleton 314 Plug
Model reference: hyleton-315
Hyleton 314

Available from:

Install method:
USB to Serial

GPIO #Component
GPIO00 Led2i
GPIO01 None
GPIO02 Led1i
GPIO03 None
GPIO04 None
GPIO05 None
GPIO09 None
GPIO10 None
GPIO12 None
GPIO13 Button1
GPIO14 None
GPIO15 Relay1
GPIO16 None
Configuration (old version)

I don’t know whether this is a genuine product or not. On the outside it looks like a Hyleton 315 and the model is shown as hyleton-315. Inside the case, though, it indicates hyleton-314, and the GPIO assignments do not correspond to the Hyleton 315. The internals, and particularly the WiFi module look very similar to the Hyleton 313.

I have converted one of these to Tasmota via serial connection, and one of them with tuya-convert.

The GPIO assignments are: 0 - red led inverted, 2 - blue led inverted, 15 - relay, 13 - button.”