Hyleton 317 Plug
Hyleton 317

Available from:

GPIO #Component
GPIO00 Led1i
GPIO01 None
GPIO02 Led2i
GPIO03 None
GPIO04 Led3i
GPIO05 None
GPIO09 None
GPIO10 None
GPIO12 None
GPIO13 Button1n
GPIO14 None
GPIO15 Relay1
GPIO16 None
Configuration (old format, will be converted to new template when applied)

Plug is Tuya compatible, controlled through Smart Life app, which makes it easy to flash over-the-air without soldering by following (the guide)[https://tasmota.github.io/docs/Tuya-Convert/]. Please make sure the wifi password is correct before rebooting for the first time as default tasmota configuration does not recognizes the button and it’ll be impossible to reset the settings to default ones.

Plug is made upside down (bulky side down), but it’s easy to turn it right side up by opening it up and just turning connectors.