Lanbon L8 5 in 1 LCD Touch Switch
Model reference: L8-HS
Template for ESP32 device
{"NAME":"Lanbon L8","GPIO":[0,0,0,0,0,992,0,0,224,0,225,0,0,0,1024,896,0,6624,6592,864,0,832,416,226,0,0,0,0,417,418,0,352,0,0,0,4736],"FLAG":0,"BASE":1}
Download a tasmota32 binary to flash. Flashing instructions.

by blakadder


  • Relays
  • Status LEDs
  • Screen
  • Touch

Not working:

  • Power metering based on pulse counter
  • Temperature measurement incorrect

Solderless Flashing

Solderless flashing instructions.

Download a compiled binary or use Tasmota development branch and set in user_config_override.h

#define USE_I2C
#define USE_SPI
#define USE_DISPLAY_ST7789
#define USE_FT5206
#undef USE_RULES                                
#define USE_SCRIPT                               
#define MAXBUTTONS 16
#define USE_LANBON_L8

Make sure to fully power cycle the device after applying the template.

Apply the template and issue

Backlog DisplayModel 12; DisplayRotate 0; DisplayWidth 240; DisplayHeight 320; DisplayFont 1; DisplayMode 0

Use this basic script to create touch buttons

dt [B1x50y10f2]Lanbon L8
dt [b0:20:60:200:60:10:16:1:3:Relay 1:]
dt [b1:20:140:200:60:10:16:1:3:Relay 2:]
dt [b2:20:220:200:60:10:16:1:3:Relay 3:]

Buttons are automatically assigned to relays.

You have to do further scripting to set behaviour of status LEDs, turn the screen off after a timeout and display more on the screen.