Ledvance Smart+ CH Power Monitoring Plug (4058075586444)
Ledvance Smart+ CH

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Install method:
Replace module

GPIO #Component
GPIO00 None
GPIO01 None
GPIO02 None
GPIO03 Led 1
GPIO04 Button 1
GPIO05 None
GPIO09 None
GPIO10 None
GPIO13 Relay 1
GPIO14 BL0937 CF
GPIO15 None
GPIO16 None
GPIO17 None
{"NAME":"Ledvance Plug CH","GPIO":[0,0,0,288,32,0,0,0,2656,224,2720,0,0,0],"FLAG":0,"BASE":18}
For more accurate energy consumption measurements this device requires power monitoring calibration.

This device uses WB2S module which needs to be replaced with ESP-02S, WT-01N or WT32C3-01N . Besides the module, this process will require a heat gun, soldering tools and moderate soldering skill. Read more about module replacement in a detailed guide.

This device is very similar to the EU version

It offers power metering with a BL0937 chip, however the voltage reading was only achievable by using the HLWBL CF1 component in the template. Consider power monitoring calibration for accurate readings.

Case opening starts with the removal to the small white rubber plug with an ale or small screw driver on the back side. Behind is a triangle shaped screw, to be removed. The case is not glued and the back plate is just clipped in to the case. It can be removed by inserting a thin applicator or flat screw driver to bend the side walls and the wall opposite to the screw gently away until the the clips release the plate.

The soldered chip module WB2S (which can’t be flashed with tasmota) needs to be replaced with a TYWE2S (ESP compatible with matching pinout - get it on ). With respective tooling and basic solder know-how flashing is pretty straight forward (https://www.bfrankict.net/index.php/2021/01/31/tywe2s-serial-flashing/ - consider the comment section as well to get the chip into flash mode: bridge pins IO0 + GND).