Lucci Connect Remote Control Fan
Lucci Connect Remote Control
GPIO #Component
GPIO00 None
GPIO01 None
GPIO02 None
GPIO03 None
GPIO04 None
GPIO05 None
GPIO09 None
GPIO10 None
GPIO12 None
GPIO13 Tuya Rx
GPIO14 None
GPIO15 Tuya Tx
GPIO16 None
Configuration (old format, will be converted to new template when applied)
{"NAME":"Lucci Fan","GPIO":[0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,108,0,107,0],"FLAG":0,"BASE":54}
WARNING: New Tuya devices have replaced their Wi-Fi module with one incompatible with Tasmota!!!
Tuya-Convert might not be possible for this device since the template was added (2019-12-24).

  1. Install latest Tasmota
  2. Issue command
    TuyaMCU 12,102
  3. Set up rule
    Rule1 on TuyaReceived#Data=55AA00070005020400010012 do publish2 stat/flatbedfan/speed 2,0 endon on TuyaReceived#Data=55AA00070005020400010113 do publish2 stat/flatbedfan/speed 2,1 endon on TuyaReceived#Data=55AA00070005020400010214 do publish2 stat/flatbedfan/speed 2,2 endon

    Enable rule with Rule1 1

  4. Add the following to Home Assistant to your fan section
- platform: mqtt
  name: "Flat Bedroom Fan"
  state_topic: "stat/flatbedfan/POWER1"
  command_topic: "cmnd/flatbedfan/POWER1"
  payload_on: "ON"
  payload_off: "OFF"
  availability_topic: "tele/flatbedfan/LWT"
  payload_available: "Online"
  payload_not_available: "Offline"
  preset_mode_state_topic: "stat/flatbedfan/speed"
  preset_mode_value_template: >
    {%- if value == '2,0' %}low
    {%- elif value == '2,1' %}medium
    {%- elif value == '2,2' %}high
    {%- endif -%}
  preset_mode_command_topic: "cmnd/flatbedfan/TuyaSend4"
  preset_mode_command_template: >
    {%- if value == "low" %}2,0
    {%- elif value == "medium" %}2,1
    {%- elif value == "high" %}2,2
    {%- endif -%}
  qos: 0
    - "low"
    - "medium"
    - "high"
  1. Add the following to Home Assistant to your light section (if required):
- platform: mqtt
  name: "Flat Bedroom Light"
  state_topic: "stat/flatbedfan/POWER2"
  command_topic: "cmnd/flatbedfan/POWER2"
  qos: 0
  payload_on: 'ON'
  payload_off: 'OFF'
  availability_topic: tele/flatbedfan/LWT
  payload_available: Online
  payload_not_available: Offline
  1. Using the physical remote may not publish the state change. If so, the following rule will update the state every 30 seconds.
Rule2 ON System#Boot DO RuleTimer1 30 ENDON ON Rules#Timer=1 DO Backlog SerialSend5 55aa000200010305; RuleTimer1 30 ENDON