Lytko 101 Thermostat (LYTKO101)
Lytko 101

Available from:

Install method:

GPIO #Component
GPIO00 User
GPIO01 HallEffect
GPIO02 DS18x20
GPIO03 User
GPIO04 SerBr Rx
GPIO05 SerBr Tx
GPIO09 None
GPIO10 None
GPIO12 User
GPIO13 User
GPIO14 User
GPIO15 Relay 1
GPIO16 User
{"NAME":"Lytko 101","GPIO":[1,7584,1312,1,1792,1824,0,0,1,1,1,224,1,4736],"FLAG":0,"BASE":18}

Device can be flashed using firmware upload page

You need Tasmota custom firmware with:

  • Thermostat support (use -DUSE_THERMOSTAT compile flag)
  • Analog thermostat (use #define THERMOSTAT_SENSOR_NAME ““ANALOG”” in user_config_override.h).
  • Analog sensor setup: AdcParam1 2,14800,2200,-3911,0 (14800 is termistor resistance)
  • Nextion setup: Backlog SBaudrate 9600; SSerialConfig 8N1; SerialDelimiter 254

The display is a Nextion. You need custom rules to control it. My rules is:

ON System#Boot DO Backlog ThermostatModeSet %mem2%; SensorInputSet 1;temptargetset %mem1%;SSerialSend3 page temperature\\xFF\\xFF\\xFF ENDON 
ON Time#Initialized DO Backlog Mem1=Mem1+0;Mem2=Mem2+0 ENDON 
ON Tele-ANALOG#Temperature DO var1=%value% ENDON 
ON SSerialReceived#Data=1AFFFFFF DO Backlog SSerialSend3 page temperature\\xFF\\xFF\\xFF;Mem1=Mem1+0;Mem2=Mem2+0;Var1=Var1+0;Var2=Var2+0 ENDON
ON System#Init DO SSerialSend3 page loading_page\\xFF\\xFF\\xFF ENDON 
ON Power1#state DO var2=%value% ENDON 
ON var2#state=0.000 DO SSerialSend3 arrow_temp.val=0\\xFF\\xFF\\xFF ENDON 
ON var2#state=1.000 DO SSerialSend3 arrow_temp.val=1\\xFF\\xFF\\xFF ENDON 
ON SSerialReceived#Data=65010E01FFFFFF DO Backlog Mem1=Mem1-0.5; ENDON 
ON SSerialReceived#Data=65010D01FFFFFF DO Backlog Mem1=Mem1+0.5; ENDON 
ON mem1#state DO Backlog temptargetset %value%;SSerialSend3 degree.txt=\"%value%\"\\xFF\\xFF\\xFF ENDON 
ON var1#state>0 DO SSerialSend3 degree_big.txt=\\\"%value%\\\"\\xFF\\xFF\\xFF ENDON 
ON SSerialReceived#Data=65011101FFFFFF DO Mem2=1 ENDON 
ON SSerialReceived#Data=65011401FFFFFF DO Mem2=0 ENDON 
ON mem2#state=1.000 DO Backlog ThermostatModeSet 1;SSerialSend3 H_active.val=1\\xFF\\xFF\\xFF ENDON 
ON mem2#state=0.000 DO Backlog ThermostatModeSet 0;SSerialSend3 H_active.val=0\\xFF\\xFF\\xFF ENDON 
ON SSerialReceived#Data=6608FFFFFF DO Backlog Mem1=Mem1+0;Mem2=Mem2+0;Var1=Var1+0;Var2=Var2+0 ENDON 
ON SSerialReceived#Data=6601FFFFFF DO Backlog Mem1=Mem1+0;Mem2=Mem2+0;Var1=Var1+0;Var2=Var2+0 ENDON
ON TempTargetSet1#state DO Var3=1 ENDON