RocketController ASTRA Controller DIN Relay (R4A4)
RocketController ASTRA Controller

Available from:


Install method:
Tasmota pre-installed

GPIO #Component
GPIO00 User
GPIO01 User
GPIO02 User
GPIO03 User
GPIO04 LedLinki
GPIO05 User
GPIO09 User
GPIO10 User
GPIO12 Buzzer
GPIO13 User
GPIO14 User
GPIO15 User
GPIO16 Serial Rx
GPIO17 Serial Tx
GPIO18 User
GPIO19 User
GPIO20 None
GPIO23 User
GPIO24 None
GPIO25 Relay 1
GPIO26 Relay 2
GPIO27 RFrecv
GPIO6 None
GPIO7 None
GPIO8 None
GPIO11 None
GPIO32 Relay 4
GPIO33 Relay 3
GPIO34 Switch 1
GPIO35 Switch 2
GPIO36 Switch 3
GPIO37 None
GPIO38 None
GPIO39 Switch 4
Configuration for ESP32
{"NAME":"ASTRA R4A4","GPIO":[1,1,1,1,576,1,1,1,480,1,1,1,3232,3200,1,1,0,640,608,1,0,224,225,1152,0,0,0,0,227,226,160,161,162,0,0,163],"FLAG":0,"BASE":1}
This device comes with Tasmota already installed!

RocketController ASTRA R4A4 exist in 3 flavors depending on:

  • Power supply : 90-240VAC and/or 7-36VDC
  • Type of input : AC, dry contact, GPIOs

The template has been read from the device as it comes pre-flashed with Tasmota and is listed here for reference or recovery

Detailed information on use with Tasmota

Solution for inaccessible initial WebUI

If you have issues connecting to ASTRA-xxxxxx configuration access point, use the power-cycle reset feature of Tasmota to reset the firmware to defaults. Then the standard tasmota-xxxxxx AP will appear and the wifi configuration can be done as per usual. IMPORTANT: After this recovery you will have to manually configure the template.

DIP-Switches usages

  • RS mode : All switches to OFF (close to the numbers)
  • SPI mode : All switches to ON When in RS mode, the RJ is not connected anymore to the SPI GPIOs. It is intended to receive a RS Adaptation Module plugged between the internal UART2 and RS connectors to host an adaptation module such as RS232 or RS485/Modbus. At the time of this writing, Rocketcontroller doesn’t yet sale such module as they are still in preparation. When is SPI mode, the RJ is connected to the SPI GPIO and there MUST NOT BE any RS module installed in the UART2/RS connectors.

ASTRA R4D4 schematics