SANA SW02-02 Switch
SANA SW02-02

Available from:

Install method:

GPIO #Component
GPIO00 Relay3i
GPIO01 User
GPIO02 User
GPIO03 Button2
GPIO04 Relay2
GPIO05 None
GPIO09 None
GPIO10 None
GPIO12 Button1
GPIO13 Relay1
GPIO14 User
GPIO15 None
GPIO16 User
Configuration (old format, will be converted to new template when applied)
WARNING: New Tuya devices have replaced their Wi-Fi module with one incompatible with Tasmota!!!
Tuya-Convert might not be possible for this device since the template was added (2019-12-15).

Same things as noted by SANA SW02-03 template author: GPIO0 Not exposed (used for LED) makes reset difficult if it is ever needed. Tuya-Convert compatible as of this writing.

Edit 2021-08-28 : A similar unit, the Youngzuth SW02-03, has been seen with an (unsupportable) WB3S inside. Edit 2022-05-03: Amazon unit converted without issue. Luck of the draw.