Sonoff ZBBridge Zigbee Bridge
Model reference: M08020700017
Sonoff ZBBridge

Available from:


Flashed with:
Serial port

GPIO #Component
GPIO00 Led1i
GPIO01 Zigbee Tx
GPIO02 None
GPIO03 Zigbee Rx
GPIO04 Zigbee Reset
GPIO05 None
GPIO09 None
GPIO10 None
GPIO13 LedLinki
GPIO15 None
GPIO16 Button1


{"NAME":"Sonoff ZbBridge","GPIO":[56,165,0,166,215,0,0,0,6,158,5,0,17],"FLAG":0,"BASE":75}

Support for this device is experimental!!!

Download latest tasmota-zbbridge binary built specifically for ZBBridge.

Flash Tasmota over serial using the TX/RX/IO0 pads.

ZBBridge pinout

When the ESP8266 chip is flashed with Tasmota, configure Wifi and go to Tasmota Console. Type:

Backlog Weblog 3; so65 1; Module 0; Template {"NAME":"Sonoff ZbBridge","GPIO":[56,165,0,166,215,0,0,0,0,158,0,0,17],"FLAG":0,"BASE":75}

Wait for Tasmota to reboot.

Open the webUI again, go to Firmware Upgrade and next to the “Upgrade by file upload” box use the browse button and select Zigbee module firmware you want to flash.

Zigbee module firmware is located in Tasmota/tools/fw_zbbridge/. 6.5.5 is for use with Home Assistant ZHA and 6.7.6 for Zigbee2Tasmota.

Do not use right click “Save as” but click on the desired file then click on “Download”

Be patient and wait for a few minutes until flashing is complete. Tasmota will reboot once it is and the console will show Zigbee2Tasmota starting. Follow further instructions depending on your chosen use method.

For Tasmota

After ncp-uart-sw_6.7.6_115200.ota is flashed set Module 75.

Follow Zigbee instructions for pairing and managing your devices

For Home Assistant ZHA

After ncp-uart-sw_6.5.5_115200.ota is flashed apply the template

{"NAME":"ZHA ZBBridge","GPIO":[56,208,0,209,59,58,0,0,0,0,0,0,17],"FLAG":0,"BASE":18}

Create a rule in Tasmota to start TCPBridge on boot

Rule1 ON System#Boot do TCPStart 8888 endon

You can change 8888 to a port you prefer.

Enable rule with Rule1 1

In Home Assistant ZHA integration select “Enter Manually” for serial port, “EZSP” as Radio Type and under port setting enter socket://[your_ip]:8888 (or your port number if changed) and it should be discovered.

Step by step instructions on flashing and ZHA installation by DigiblurDIY