Teckin SR40 Wall Outlet
Model reference: RF-SR40-US
Teckin SR40

Available from:

Flashed with:

GPIO #Component
GPIO00 LedLinki
GPIO01 None
GPIO02 None
GPIO03 Button1
GPIO04 Led1i
GPIO05 Button2
GPIO09 None
GPIO10 None
GPIO12 Relay2
GPIO13 Relay1
GPIO14 Led2i
GPIO15 Relay3
GPIO16 None
Tuya-Convert might not be possible for this device if the manufacturer started using newest Tuya firmware since this template was published (2020-02-13).

NOTICE!!! Manufacturer has started using unsupported non-ESP8266 chips recently and this device might not be compatible anymore.

You will also have to add the following commands in the console to make this work properly.

Backlog SerialLog 0; PowerOnState 0; SetOption63 1; LEDState 1
Rule1 ON System#Boot DO Power3 On ENDON    # Turn the USB port on
Rule1 1

The model purchased from Amazon 2020-03 has this GPIO Mapping

GPIO0: Green Center LED inverted
GPIO3: Top Button
GPIO4: Amber Top LED inverted
GPIO5: Bottom Button
GPIO12: Bottom Outlet Relay
GPIO13: Top Outlet Relay
GPIO14: Amber Bottom LED inverted
GPIO15: USB Relay