Youngzuth 3in1 Switch (SW02-03)
Youngzuth 3in1

Available from:

GPIO #Component
GPIO00 Led1i
GPIO01 None
GPIO02 None
GPIO03 Button3
GPIO04 Relay3
GPIO05 Button2
GPIO09 None
GPIO10 None
GPIO12 Button1
GPIO13 Relay1
GPIO14 None
GPIO15 Relay2
GPIO16 None
Configuration (old format, will be converted to new template when applied)
{"NAME":"SW02 3W","GPIO":[56,0,0,19,23,18,0,0,17,21,0,22,0],"FLAG":0,"BASE":18}

This device now comes with a Wi-Fi module incompatible with Tasmota

Edit 06/13/2022: Purchased from Amazon. The unit has an unsupported WB3S microcontroller. It is possible (board 21315 v1.1) to swap with an ESP-12 module but the top red/ blue LED for the WiFi connection status will not work. This LED would require input ADC0 to be able to be configured as an output. As a workaround, after cutting the trace to ADC0 and routing this trace to GPIO2 it is possible to use this LED. For specifics see here