Zemismart Bladeless Fan (F1-BL)
Zemismart Bladeless

Available from:

Install method:

GPIO #Component
GPIO00 User
GPIO01 Tuya Tx
GPIO02 User
GPIO03 Tuya Rx
GPIO04 User
GPIO05 User
GPIO09 None
GPIO10 None
GPIO12 User
GPIO13 User
GPIO14 User
GPIO15 User
GPIO16 User
Configuration (old format, will be converted to new template when applied)
{"NAME":"Bladeless Fan","GPIO":[255,107,255,108,255,255,0,0,255,255,255,255,255],"FLAG":0,"BASE":54}
WARNING: New Tuya devices have replaced their Wi-Fi module with one incompatible with Tasmota!!!
Tuya-Convert might not be possible for this device since the template was added (2020-07-31).

This is a bladeless desk fan with a night light and battery power.


Flashed via serial using broken out pins. Tuya Convert did not work due to new firmware.

Disconnect the fan and USB charging port from the PCB. Connect your flasher to GND, TX and RX pins and power the board with its battery. Ground GPIO0 directly on the TYWE3S module.


This device is very different from other Tuya devices. First of all it uses low power batter protocol although the wifi module is never turned off regardless of how the device is powered.

You cannot turn the fan or the lights off at will. Only form of control is cycling through all available modes using a serial command, just replicating pushing a button. Statuses for light and fan are reported on another dpId. If you use the device buttons there will be no state change report from the MCU.

You’re still required to use TuyaMCU since you have to communicate to the MCU when the device connects to Wi-Fi.

After applying the template and configuring Wi-Fi and MQTT issue

TuyaMCU 51,51

To cycle through fan modes use:

SerialSend5 55AA00090005010100010111

Fan mode is reported on dpId 3:

55AA00050008030200040000000015 = off
55AA00050008030200040000000116 = low
55AA00050008030200040000000217 = medium
55AA00050008030200040000000318 = high

To cycle through color modes use

SerialSend5 55AA000900050F010001011F 

Color mode is reported on dpId 17:

55AA00050008110200040000000023 - off
55AA00050008110200040000000124 - white
55AA00050008110200040000000225 - light blue
55AA00050008110200040000000326 - blue
55AA00050008110200040000000427 - purple
55AA00050008110200040000000528 - orange
55AA00050008110200040000000629 - color cycle
55AA0005000811020004000000072A - green

There’s an “anion mode” on dpId 101 that was controlled from the original app but there is no response from the MCU whether anything changes.

# on
serialsend5 55AA00090005650100010175 
# off
serialsend5 55AA00090005650100010074 

All in all very limited in “smart” functions. I tried to at least make it have an off switch using rules. Its not reliable and using device buttons still unsyncs the states but its more usable now:

	on event#fan do serialsend5 55AA00090005010100010111 endon 
	on event#fanoff do event fan%var1% endon 
	on tuyareceived#cmnddata=0302000400000000 do backlog var1 0; publish stat/%topic%/SPEED 0; publish stat/%topic%/RESULT = {"POWER2":"OFF"} endon 
	on event#fan1 do event fan break 
	on event#fan2 do backlog event fan; delay 2; event fan break 
	on event#fan3 do backlog event fan; delay 2; event fan; delay2; event fan endon 
	on tuyareceived#cmnddata=0302000400000001 do backlog var1 3; publish stat/%topic%/SPEED 1; publish stat/%topic%/RESULT = {"POWER2":"ON"} endon 
	on tuyareceived#cmnddata=0302000400000002 do backlog var1 2; publish stat/%topic%/SPEED 2; publish stat/%topic%/RESULT = {"POWER2":"ON"} endon 
	on tuyareceived#cmnddata=0302000400000003 do backlog var1 1; publish stat/%topic%/SPEED 3; publish stat/%topic%/RESULT = {"POWER2":"ON"} endon

Turn on/change mode with ˙event fan and turn the fan off with event fanoff. Received status is written to a var which is used to know how many even fan's you need to go through for the fan to turn off. Current fan speed is reported to stat/%topic%/SPEED and fan's power state is published to RESULT` topic using standard formatting.

I’ve done the same for the light, but that one doesn’t always complete the cycle to turn off the light:

	on event#c do serialsend5 55AA000900050F010001011F endon 
	on event#coff do event c%var2% endon 
	on tuyareceived#cmnddata=1102000400000000 do backlog var2 0; publish stat/%topic%/COLOR off; publish stat/%topic%/RESULT {"POWER3":"OFF"} endon 
	on event#c2 do backlog event c break 
	on event#c3 do backlog event c; delay 2; event c2 break 
	on event#c4 do backlog event c; delay 2; event c3 break 
	on event#c5 do backlog event c; delay 2; event c4 break 
	on event#c6 do backlog event c; delay 2; event c5 break 
	on event#c7 do backlog event c; delay 2; event c6 break 
	on tuyareceived#cmnddata=1102000400000001 do backlog var2 7; publish stat/%topic%/COLOR light blue; publish stat/%topic%/RESULT {"POWER3":"ON"} break 
Rule2 + 
	on tuyareceived#cmnddata=1102000400000002 do backlog var2 6; publish stat/%topic%/COLOR cyan; publish stat/%topic%/RESULT {"POWER3":"ON"} break 
	on tuyareceived#cmnddata=1102000400000003 do backlog var2 5; publish stat/%topic%/COLOR blue; publish stat/%topic%/RESULT {"POWER3":"ON"} break 
	on tuyareceived#cmnddata=1102000400000004 do backlog var2 4; publish stat/%topic%/COLOR purple; publish stat/%topic%/RESULT {"POWER3":"ON"} break 
	on tuyareceived#cmnddata=1102000400000005 do backlog var2 3; publish stat/%topic%/COLOR yellow; publish stat/%topic%/RESULT {"POWER3":"ON"} break 
	on tuyareceived#cmnddata=1102000400000006 do backlog var2 2; publish stat/%topic%/COLOR colorful; publish stat/%topic%/RESULT {"POWER3":"ON"} break 
	on tuyareceived#cmnddata=1102000400000007 do delay 2; event c endon 

Turn on / change light using event c and turn it off with event coff.

Improving the Device

I was not satisfied at all with the completely crippled features of the device and ultimately decided to rewire the two buttons and the light LED directly to the TYWE3S module. There will be a blog about it on blakadder.com once I’m sure everything is working as it should. For now a little teaser image: