Tuya WB5 5 in 1 LED Controller (WB5)
Tuya WB5 5 in 1

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Install method:
Replace module

GPIO #Component
GPIO00 None
GPIO01 None
GPIO02 None
GPIO03 None
GPIO04 None
GPIO05 None
GPIO06 None
GPIO07 None
GPIO08 None
GPIO09 None
GPIO10 None
GPIO12 None
GPIO13 None
GPIO18 None
GPIO19 None
GPIO20 Tuya Rx
GPIO21 Tuya Tx
Configuration for ESP32-C3
This device uses CB3S module which needs to be replaced with ESP8685-WROOM-01, ESP-12, ESP-C3-12F, ESP-12H, ESPC2-12 or ESP8684-WROOM-01C. Read more about module replacement in a detailed guide.



The chip used on this board is a CB3S, and requires a transplant. It cannot be flashed. The daughterboard for the SoC is compatible with the ESP12-S and in this case ESP-C3-12F module. Other formats may be compatible, but may require jumper wires.

The TuyaMCU on board requires the following settings for an CCT (Dual White (CW+WW)) strip:

Backlog TuyaMCU 11,20; TuyaMCU 21,22; TuyaMCU 22,21; TuyaMCU 23,23; TuyaMCU 98,101; DimmerRange 0,1024

Or, if you want to use RGBW (see light modes below), use the following settings:

Backlog TuyaMCU 11,20; TuyaMCU 26,21; TuyaMCU 21,23; TuyaMCU 24,24; TuyaMCU 81,26; TuyaMCU 98, 101; DimmerRange 0,1024

Serial Flashing

Please see the Hardware Preparation page for general instructions.


Make sure to press the switch and select the mode corresponding to the strip you are using. ie. To use an RGB strip, you press the switch until it flashes red. The setting will stick between restarts. The mode cannot be changed from Tasmota as there are no connection between it and the switch. You can solder a wire from a free GPIO to the switch and change the mode by pulsing the GPIO from Tasmota.

Light Color Mode
White Flashing Single Color Mode
Yellow Flashing Dual White Mode
Red Flashing RGB Mode
Green Flashing RGBW Mode
Blue Flashing RGB+CCT Mode

WB5 Manual