Arlec Smart Security Light Light
Model reference: MAL314HA
Arlec Smart Security Light

Available from:

Flashed with:

GPIO #Component
GPIO00 None
GPIO01 Tuya Tx
GPIO02 None
GPIO03 Tuya Rx
GPIO04 None
GPIO05 None
GPIO09 None
GPIO10 None
GPIO12 None
GPIO13 None
GPIO14 None
GPIO15 None
GPIO16 None
{"NAME":"Arlec MAL315HA","GPIO":[0,107,0,108,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0],"FLAG":0,"BASE":54}


  • Light duration: How long in seconds the light stays on after motion is detected. From user manual: min 10 sec to max 15 min.

  • Sensitivity adjustment (amount of movement required to trigger): Min = most sensitive, max = only detect large motion. To tune, start with at minimum, and have someone move while increasing sensitivity.

  • Light level (lux adjustment): Min = day or night, max = night only. For normal operation, adjust appropriately (e.g.: wait until the time of day, set sensitivity to most sensitive, lux to max, and while someone walks around reduce lux threshold until it triggers).

  • Automatic and manual override mode.

  • One hour countdown to revert from manual to auto. To use, set to manual mode then activate countdown.


This product uses the TUYA WB3S which is NOT supported by Tasmota, but which is pin-compatible with ESP-12 modules.

Main board

It is possible to replace the WB3S with an ESP-12 that has Tasmota flashed to it. Note that you also need to connect GPIO15 to GND, and both GPIO02 and EN to VCC for the ESP module to boot, so solder links to achieve that.

The bulk of the functionality is controlled via a TuyaMCU module, which reports as:

MCU Product ID: {"p":"pxyhz90upglpoedu","v":"1.0.0","m":0}

Enable TuyaMCU via:

Module 54

Configure dpID 101 as enum with two values, and dpID 102 as relay

TuyaMCU 61,101
TuyaEnumList 1,2
TuyaMCU 11,102

To make Tasmota button toggle between manual and auto:

Rule1 ON Power1#State=0 DO TuyaSend4 101,1 ENDON ON Power1#State=1 DO TuyaSend4 101,2 ENDON
Rule1 1

(It might also be useful to make the State=1 also activate the 1 hour countdown timer)

Tuya dpID list

dpID Data Type Function
101 enum Mode: 0=Off, 1=Auto, 2=Manual
102 binary relay status
103 integer Sensitivity (e.g.: 0 most sensitive, 3 misses a close wave, 5 quite coarse)
104 integer Light duration in seconds (e.g.: 10)
105 integer Light level adjustment (e.g.: 0 trigger any time, 500 blocked by torch, 4000 blocked by indoor light)
106 binary Send 1 while in manual mode to activate one hour countdown to revert to auto